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Client feedback : Agent network

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"We are absolutely delighted with the website designed and were surprised with how quickly it was created. In addition, the team offered a great amount of support which meant the entire process was very smooth and easy on our part."

Michael Delaney - Lane & Bennett

"Being a new estate agent we knew the importance of having a user friendly and easy-on-the-eye website. We are delighted with the feedback and number leads it has generated. During valuations we are often praised for the site, I'd have no hesitation in recommending the package."

Steve Betts - Butcher Residential

"Our affiliation with Move with Us has evolved to include conveyancing, corporate instructions and a whole host of other opportunities. Would I recommend Move with Us to other agents? Wholeheartedly! Have they paid me extra for such a ringing endorsement? Not a penny!"

Jon Holden - Douglas Allen

"We are regularly reviewing the propositions we offer our clients to ensure that we are providing the best possible service and the widest range of choice and as such, it's important that we choose the right business partners to help us deliver these services. Move with Us was recommended to us by a number of people in the industry and have become the preferred provider for many independent estate agents. The idea of an enhanced customer service through their call centre and the ability to offer a local, panel managed conveyancing service were deciding factors for partnering with Move with Us. The relationship is in its infancy but the initial few months have proved a great success with excellent feedback from our clients, which is so important for us as a local independent estate agent. They provide us with the information we need to make our jobs easier and we are confident that we will start to see a reduction in transaction times as well."

Justin Anim - Pattinson Estate Agents

"Newton Fallowell's relationship with Move with Us has developed over the last 10 years from a passive network friend to a fully fledged partner whose aims and objectives mirror ours which is to drive as much 'extra' income as possible out of the house selling process. Recent improvements to our business model mean we are now in a position to drive £200,000 worth of conveyancing out of our offices alongside the many corporate instructions that Move with Us provide. In summary a happy marriage that appears to have gone past the seven year itch!"

Mark Newton - Newton Fallowell

"Harrison Murray has built its professional reputation on being a strong independent brand and therefore it is paramount that we work with the right partners, ones who complement and enhance our reputation. I have to say initially I was hesitant about building a relationship with Move with Us due to certain opinions within the industry, as I thought that we may be compromising our independence. However, I now have first-hand experience, and have received a great managed conveyancing service which has resulted in a significant improvement in conveyancing income into each branch. A true reflection of a good working relationship."

David Collins - Harrison Murray

"It has been five years now since we started working alongside Move with Us and I would never envisaged that the income line would rise to these kinds of levels. The conveyancing and HIP initiatives that they have brought to our business have moved from strength to strength each year, they don't sit still and wait for the market to overtake them but are consistently looking at new ideas to not only maximize our income but make sure our pipelines turn faster, all too important in the market we have experienced. Their transparency and openness with us is a credit to them; to find partnerships like this in the industry we work in we all know is so rare. We look forward to another great year working with them."

David Lench - Arun Estates

"As an organisation focused on service delivery we have worked with the team at Move with Us to develop a high level proposition. This has not only has seen our income rise over the last 12 months, but also seen our control over this section of our process improve. Coupled with a great, user friendly service is their ability to deliver the management information that we need to drive the business from our end. The structure and delivery of the Move with Us model is extremely impressive, as their whole team is committed to maximising the opportunities and listings that we generate. 'Must sell listings' were an instant attraction to working with Move with Us. When you are instructed on a £3.5 million listing from their probate department and then go on to sell it - it really does help!"

Robert Scott Lee - Chancellors