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Valuation report

Whichever part exchange options you are using, everything starts with our market appraisal.

Valuation report

Designed to help increase your deal conversion, we present the best available evidence in a transparent and professional way to both you and your customers.

The report uses whole of market property data and provides an in-depth comparison of the subject property against similar homes that are both sold and currently being marketed in the local area. We select agents who are selling well in the area to visit the subject property and complete a full inspection on our behalf, as well as provide their opinion and knowledge of the market. This is combined with local market statistics, comparable property price ranges and maps to identify boundaries and potential blights, to produce a clear and compelling judgement of most likely value.

PX- valuation report



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This gives you the comfort that you are making the right PX decisions, your sales staff have more confidence when putting offers forward and your customers have the assurance that their PX offer is fair.

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