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Step by step guide

We offer outsourced part exchange management services that reduce risk, improve conversion rates and ensure funding is always available.

Step by step guide


Step 1: Vendor visits your site to choose their brand new home.

Step 2: We send two local, accredited estate agents, selected specifically for their high performance, to value the vendor’s second hand property.

Step 3: We will then write an accurate and comprehensive appraisal of the property using factual data based on the agents’ opinion and supporting market evidence.

Step 4: Our reports are written clearly and are easy to understand so that you can communicate to your clients how much their property is worth. This will enable you to buy the second hand property at its market value and allow the vendor to purchase one of your brand new plots so that you can convert more deals.

Step 5: One of our expert property consultants will work to sell the second hand property you have just purchased, ensuring you achieve the best price for your asset with a multi-agency marketing strategy. Access to over 400 qualified contractors throughout the UK also ensures the property looks its best ahead of sale.

Step 6: So that you are always up to date, we will provide you with regular reports including marketing updates, viewings and activity on the property. This will allow you to make informed decisions about the property backed up by comprehensive market data and information.

Step 7: Whenever we receive an offer on the property, we will qualify the buyer and put their offer forward to you. One of our team can handle the negotiations process expertly if required.

Step 8: Once the sale has been agreed, one of our expert sales progressors will ensure the smooth running of the sale, safeguarding the transaction and helping it to complete more quickly, reducing risk and improving your conversion rates.

Want to minimise the risk on your PX deals? Find out about our funded part exchange service.

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