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Part exchange

Part exchange is a critical sales tool that most house builders would struggle without. But it requires precious cash lock-up and can result in the rapid loss of profit margins if the wrong prices are paid or resale strategies employed. So you will want to know you are getting the best possible valuation advice and resale service available.

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Our job is to ensure you pay the right prices, avoid the wrong property and take the necessary actions with ageing stock. To do our job properly we put the required time and effort into every valuation and then deal with every resale as if we owned it. 
In-depth and transparent valuation reports will give both you and your clients the confidence to agree to your PX offers. We base this on the best market evidence available at the time the property is being assessed.

Once we have advised you what to pay for a property, it is only right that you expect us to resell close to that figure, as quickly as possible. We pride ourselves in striving to achieve 100% of our recommended valuations across every one of our clients’ portfolios.
Whatever the size of your PX budget, you will want to ensure your actual holding is as low as it can be. We focus on ensuring your owned stock is turned quickly and any aged properties are dealt with appropriately. We will help you to work within your constraints whilst maximising your new sales opportunities.
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