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Valuation & surveys

Our comprehensive market appraisal reports give you all the information you need to assess the right sales price for the property, adhering to all compliance and legal requirements the market demands.

Valuation & surveys

To ensure that you achieve an accurate valuation, we will ask at least two accredited, independent agents to value the property. This is then supported by whole of market data to provide in-depth analysis of comparable properties in the surrounding area and local marketing conditions. We go to great lengths to document the valuation in a clear and concise report written by trained and experienced valuation specialists, giving you the evidence and support you need and making it easier for you to communicate the information to your clients.

We know that if a property is introduced to the market at the right price, you stand a much better chance of selling within your preferred timescales driving best price for both you and your clients.

Should you wish to consider renting, our accurate market appraisals provide you with an automatic rental yield indicator, based upon property price and comparable market data so that you can calculate your options based on reliable data.

Our new report includes:  

  • Multiple estate agency valuations  
  • Information on the location of the property including any potential blights  
  • Comparable on market and sold properties  
  • Local market conditions - selling times, price, supply and demand
  • Maps    
  • Pricing strategy

Watch out valuation report come to life...

PX- valuation report

We can also organise the following reports if required:

Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) survey: the RICS is the world’s leading valuation organisation and as such as the only accepted standard for valuing houses and the only one Move with Us will use. An RICS valuation will inform you of the value of your property in a clear and concise report based on expert local knowledge, technical expertise, high professional and ethical standards in addition to regulation and enforcement.

Home buyer reports: the home buyer report, also from RICS details the condition of a property in an easy to follow report. Properties will be rated condition 1 (green), condition 2 (amber) and condition 3 (red).

Section 117 report: this report is used by charities that are looking to sell a probate property. It provides an overview of the various aspects to be considered by trustees when selling land and buildings.

Contact us if you would like to see an example valuation report or to find out more information.

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