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Benefits for estate agents

Navigator is a new way for your customers to manage their conveyancing files by making key information available online rather than having to wait for documents to be sent through the post which helps them to be Legally Prepared earlier in the transaction.

Navigator online conveyancing
Navigator   Complete forms securely online 

Customers can complete forms securely online, cutting out the delays post can cause.
Navigator   Reduce timescales

Demonstrable reduction in timescales from SSTC to exchange of contracts.
Navigator   Legally Prepared

Reduce the time it takes to get the customer Legally Prepared.
Navigator   Improves penetration

Improves listing and conveyancing penetration rates.
Navigator   Speed up transaction times

Speed up transaction times by 11 days on average*.
Navigator   Reduce fall through rates

Faster timescales help reduce fall through rates and convert pipelines quicker.
Navigator   Improve cash-flow

Improve cash-flow from new service with a more proactive customer.
Navigator   Greater visibility

Greater visibility of customer activity through online client portal.

We have lots of estate agents already profiting from the benefits of Navigator. Contact us today to find out how you can help your customers and provide greater flexibility.

Figures are based on an analysis of just over 1,000 completed conveyancing files by Move with Us from 1 Jan – 23 September. The results show the average time from sold subject to contract to exchange across the panel reduced by 10 days for customers using Navigator.

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