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Get your move back on track

Need help selling? Take our five minute home move check and get your move back on track with Move with Us. Over 56% of people on the market are currently having trouble selling, and our Move Planners are here to help.

Through a quick phone call we’ll review your moving plans and give you free advice and honest feedback on your current situation. Our expert team will look at everything - from the property price and presentation through to your marketing strategy and housing conditions in your local area. We'll also look at:

• Local market conditions
• Comparable properties
• Agent performance in the local market (time on market, properties on market, properties sold)
• Agent performance on your property (viewings, offers, initial valuation figure)

Our conversations will be jargon-free and should provide you with more certainty about your move. A fresh pair of eyes looking over your move will give you an edge over the competition, and will help to sell your house.

Using our home move check you receive:

• Reassuring review of your move
• Expert Move Planners just a phone call away
• Honest feedback in just a few minutes
• Clear direction and clarity through objective advice

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