Need help selling your home?

Need help selling your home

We speak to people on a daily basis about what it takes to move house. With this in mind, we've put together our unique guide to moving home. Divided into six, easy to follow, steps you'll find that our moving guide is one of the essential tools to help you move. If you haven't seen it already, click here to see our moving guide.

The right marketing strategy is vital if you want to get the best price for your home in the current housing market. Just like all successful strategies, careful planning and preparation is needed to achieve your goals.

Staging your home to make the sale

This is a competitive market with plenty of choice out there, think about how a retailer would stage and present a product to entice you to buy it, what are the key features and benefits of your property and how can you communicate them to your market. Critically walk through your house – from the pavement outside your property to the very back and look at it from a potential buyer’s point of view. Are there any jobs that you can do (or get done by a professional) that will add value to your home? Maybe a few walls could do with a paint or your front garden can be neatened up – don’t forget that a good first impression is critical.

Getting the right pricing strategy

In the current market property prices can change at any time. If you have had your house on the market for a while, with little interest, it’s a good idea to get another valuation. Don’t just rely on one estate agent valuation, use multiple agents with the Move with Us valuation service that also looks into market conditions.  By getting a number of valuations and also looking at current market conditions, not to mention comparable prices in your area, you can accurately price your home.

Tell the world

Do people know your house is for sale? When Move with Us are asked to market a property we always interview at least three agents and we generally instruct two of the three to ensure that there is competition for the sale.    

We can advise you on the best choice of estate agent where we use performance, service level indicators and evidence from the thousands of sales we manage every year across the UK – so you know you are in good hands.

An estate agent however good will not know your property the way you do and you will need to work closely with them to get the right result. Photos of your home are so important in attracting a buyer, don’t be afraid to have some input into what areas and features the agent uses in his photos. Floor plans are an absolute must in today’s market so make sure you use them.

It’s important to be flexible when it comes to viewings. When viewers arrive listen and watch for buying signals and don’t be offended or become defensive if someone criticises your property. In our experience people who say “this is nice” rarely buy. Feedback after the viewings will help you determine their potential to proceed, where you may need to adjust your offer or small things you could do that could make a difference to future viewings.