Sell through Move with Us

Need to sell your home? We can put a smile on your face

sell through movewithus

Our fully managed service will help your home sale to become a reality, as we manage every step of the process on your behalf. Firstly, we find out your selling position with a full house valuation. We will also find the highest quality agents in your local area and even help you to find your next dream home.

We are involved in the sale of over 10,000 each year through various channels, providing us with the experience needed to effectively sell your home and give you the best return.

To help you understand all the different parts of the home move, we've broken into down into this unique moving guide. Click here to find out more about what it takes to move house.

Key benefits of our service include:

  • Selection of the best local agents in your area with an explanation on why you should use them for the sale
  • Clear advice and guidance throughout the process
  • Regular communication, with a weekly review to ensure proactivity from all parties
  • Independent mortgage specialists to help with your financial needs
  • All the legalities of the move arranged by professional solicitors
  • Maintenance specialists who will help to make the property as attractive as possible to potential buyers
  • Unrivalled property experience across all areas of the sale

Call us today on 0845 901 1350 to arrange your home sale with us or get a full house valuation to get the process started.