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Home values are one of the most commonly discussed aspects of selling your home. Getting the home valuation right can be the difference between achieving a sale at the right price…or your house left stagnant on the market.

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Home valuation

From choosing the right agent to setting your target price, home values is one of the most important parts of the move to get right. All of us want to achieve the best possible price for our homes, but you must also take into account the timescales in which you want to move and the availability of your next potential house.

There are some common misconceptions about home values, and the best way to find out what your house is worth. Here are some of the questions we've been asked in the past:

Should I just get an online valuation?

More and more companies now offer online tools to give you an idea into the value of your home. Online valuations must be taken with a pinch of salt, as they are calculated by a computer and are unable to take into account the specific and unique characteristics of your house.
What the online valuation or online house estimate tool will do is give you an initial idea into what your home valuation is. You can use this in the beginning stages of the sale process to understand your selling position.

Can I do the home valuation myself?

Although we all have an idea into our home value, only a handful of us will be qualified to carry out an accurate valuation of our houses. Estate agents are highly trained to value property and put it into the context of the current housing market. They'll look at factors such as the size, age and condition of your house and then compare and contrast it with other properties on the market. House valuations are a skilful art and we'd always recommend that they are carried out by recommended estate agents.

Do I just go for the first estate agent I meet?

The only way to get accurate home values is to get a house valuation carried out by an accredited estate agent. The selection of the agent is one of the most important stages, as they will then be working with you to help sell your home. Select two to three agents to come out and value your house, and then pick the one that you feel will do the best job at selling your home.

How do I choose which home valuation to go with?

Don’t just look for the agent that charges the lowest fees or give the highest house values, as this may just be to win your business. Instead, consider what marketing strategies they propose and whether they are an accredited and reputable business in the local area. Try and be realistic into your home’s value, taking into account similar sold, or for sale, properties in the area. Then, once you have impartially weighed up all your options, instruct your preferred agent to begin marketing your home.

House values