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The Move with Us Rental Index

Working together with an economist at the London School of Economics and, the Move with Us Rental Index is based on a weekly snapshot of over 150,000 rental properties advertised on major portals across eleven regions in the UK covering England, Wales and Scotland.

Rental index reports

This allows Move with Us to base rental analysis on upwards of 7.8 million data points annually, one of the largest samples available for a rental index.  A factsheet will be available each month with a more in depth report will be published every quarter.

The report allows investors to track rental pricing trends in different regions and provides evidence to help make informed investment decisions and fully evaluate the performance of property portfolios. 

Working closely with Philippe Bracke, a researcher for the London School of Economics, we have developed an innovative sampling method that provides us with a uniquely representative snapshot of the British rental market. We are confident that the scale of our rental index will ensure it is comprehensive, timely and one of the best calculated indices on the market. Every month we will provide national and regional break downs of average rental asking price.

For information on how we calculated our index, please see our methodology page.