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Introducing our newly launched, smart, innovative and forward thinking New Homes Sale service.


Every development we are working with has a micro-site created, one for each agent appointed. These sites are supported by bespoke email campaigns, boosted Facebook adverts, paper adverts along with individual house type virtual reality scans.

Everything is demographic determined and we again report in on the activity and track how any campaigns affect the site activity both in footfall and web clicks. We monitor campaign responses and can advise on which campaigns are having the greatest impact. Campaigns are run alongside yours for added impact, or we can run bespoke campaigns as an extension of your marketing budget.

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Historically, house builders have used the larger corporate agents as their referral or selling agents on site, mainly due to the fact that these larger scale corporate agents have land and new homes departments and can offer new homes marketing to their relevant branches to promote the site. When in fact, in the main, these corporate agents are rarely the best performing selling agents locally.

Just like with our PX/AS marketing, we find the two best performing independents estate agents, many of which have a network of branches that also promote the development. We feed our progressive new homes marketing package into these local agents branches.

Truly giving you the best of both worlds, a central new homes point of contact in Move with Us, but hand selected local agents fully managed and monitored, supported by one of the best marketing packages available.


No matter what size the development, we have a package to suit you, from fully managed site sales, referrals or tail end sales. Whether it be 5 or 500 plots, we would love to discuss your needs.

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