Preparing for the valuation

It might seem that there isn’t a lot you can do to help your house valuation but the list is endless. Whilst you can’t change the age and size of your property there are lots of things you can do before the estate agent shows up.

A lot of the things you can do to improve our house valuation are cosmetic. We’ve listed our top tips below:

  • Make sure it is clean and tidy – it sounds obvious but you’d be surprised how many people overlook giving their property a spring clean before a valuation. Keeping your house tidy will help it show off any of its best features, as well as ensuring it looks fresh when the estate agent arrives.
  • Get rid of any clutter – de-cluttering your property will not only make your house look more spacious but will show there is enough storage room.
  • Make sure there are no bad smells by removing ash trays and taking out any rubbish bins.
  • Neutralise any bright colour choices. Creating a blank canvas by using neutral colours will help potential buyers to imagine the place as their own.
  • Brighten your home – most properties look best on a bright and sunny day but unfortunately the sun doesn’t always shine. To cover all eventualities make sure you house looks great even on the bleakest of days by lightning any dark corners or rooms sufficiently.
  • Make sure the outside of your property is clean and tidy as it’s the first thing anyone will see

The cosmetic state of your property isn’t all that will help you to get a good house valuation. It’s also about you too:

Get savvy

Take the time to search into any recently sold, or on market, properties in your local area. This information should give you a pretty good idea into the price you are likely to achieve and having a good general knowledge of the local property market will mean you are able to ask the right question during your valuation.

Be open and honest

Tell the estate agent asks about the crack in the wall, or leaking tap. They’ll be able to spot any pitfalls and trying to hide them may affect how favourably they look upon your house.

Show off the best bits

Be sure to point out the things that make you love your house. You know it better than anyone else, so make sure the estate has spotted all its best bits. These really can be anything you adore, such as how sunny a certain room may be, high ceilings, a beautiful fireplace, how cheap the house is to heat or how fierce the power shower is. 

Have improvements finished

Estate agents can’t take into account future improvements. If the renovation of your bathroom is likely to add a few thousand to the valuation then get it done before the agent comes round. Of course, you need to make sure that the cost of the repairs doesn’t outweigh the amount they are likely to add to your final valuation.

Be patient

Although the valuer may be able to give an on the spot figure, it may be more beneficial to let them go away and do some more research before they give their valuation number. They may want to go and look at aspects such as land value, or do their own research into comparable properties. A little patience here could end up with a few more thousand pounds in your back pocket at the end of your sale.