Home values

There are lots of factors that all go into making up your home value. Here are just some of the things your estate agent will take into consideration upon valuing your house:

Size - When it comes to the valuation of your home, often size does matter. The estate agent will look at the overall space that your house occupies the number of rooms and the size of each individual room.

House type - House type does not necessarily dictate the property valuation, but it certainly plays a part. In the majority of cases you will find that detached properties achieve and hold the highest values in the market.

Unique features - The estate agent will take into consideration any unique aspects of your home including ceiling roses, bay windows, Victorian fireplaces and high ceilings.

Home interior - The estate agent will look at aspects of the interior of the property such as how dated the décor may be, how old appliances are and how well it has been looked after.

Home exterior - People sometimes forget about the exterior but it will factor in your home value. A large, well maintained garden will make for a better house valuation than a pokey, over-grown jungle.

The local area - Areas with top rated schools, low crime rates, good transport links and local amenities will hold the highest property values.