Managing viewings

When you know people are coming to view your property, put a pot of coffee on to make the place smell extra nice and ensure it’s tidy. By now your house should be spick and span following the valuation but make sure you clean any subsequent mess up. For a full guide on what to do with your house please see Preparing for the valuation.

We know that viewings can sometimes be a little awkward with people roaming your house turning the taps on, opening cupboards and asking you all sorts of questions. The better prepared you are for answering these questions and the more ingratiating you can be, the more likely you will be to sell your house. Your estate agent can help you to prepare for any questions but we’ve also included a list of the sorts of things you’ll be asked to give you a head start.

  1. How much did you pay for the house?
  2. Have you had any problems with the local area?
  3. What’s made you want to move?
  4. How close are the local schools?
  5. Have any appliances been replaced?
  6. Are you in a chain? How long is the chain?
  7. How old is your boiler?
  8. Are there any problems with the house?
  9. Does the house get very cold during winter?
  10. 10.  Where’s the nearest bus station?

It’s most important to be prepared for any difficult questions. If there is something wrong with your property, such as a crack on the roof or a broken shower it’s best to be honest about it and say that it has been taken into consideration and reflected in the price and have an estimated repair cost ready.

When potential buyers come to view your property, try to be as welcoming and ingratiating as possible. Making them feel at home will work wonders in trying to sell your house, likewise any aggressive or stand-offish behaviour will give a bad first impression of the property.