Getting your house in order

You need to ensure you have an elite team in place all working together in harmony to help you to move house. There are also a few things you need to order too!

Review your house valuation

Firstly, you need to review your house valuation and use the figure you’ve been given to see what you can afford to buy. Everybody wants the highest valuation possible for their house but it’s important to be realistic and go with an accurate valuation and not just the highest. Our move planners will be able to help with this, as will an independent financial advisor.

Agree a price

Next you need to agree a price to sell your house at and a fee to market your house with your estate agent. Marketing your house is a very important part of selling so you need to pay particular attention to their marketing strategy. For more information on marketing your property please see our guide to choosing an estate agent.

Choose a solicitor

At this stage you also need to choose a solicitor to manage your paperwork. The earlier you get a solicitor on board, the better as it means you will be ready and waiting to pounce when you find the house you want to buy.

Order an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

Ordering an EPC at this stage will ensure selling your house happens as swiftly as possible. You need an EPC these days in order to sell your house. What an EPC will tell you, and any prospective buyers is how energy efficient your house is in addition to detailing ways to improve its energy performance. For more information on EPCs please click here.