Beginning your search

Once you’ve agreed a sale, this is the really exciting part when you can start to look seriously for your new home. You should by now already have done some window shopping via the internet, local newspapers and estate agents. For added input in finding your dream home, ring one of our Move Planners with a list of your must-have criteria and they will work hard to find you affordable properties for sale that tick all your boxes. Happy days!

Get the legal bits done

It’s also at this stage that you’ll have the conveyancing done. Conveyancing is carried out by a solicitor and is basically all the legal bits involved in buying or selling a property like arranging your mortgage. The earlier you instruct your solicitor the better. Being prepared will make all sales more likely to go ahead as you will have seen in selling your own house.

Make an offer

Once you have found your dream home you will need to make an offer. Once you’ve reached an agreement with the seller you will need to confirm your offer in writing through your solicitor.

Home Buyer’s survey

You will be required by your mortgage provider to have a Home Buyer's survey carried out on the house to avoid any hidden nasties that could reduce the price of the house. For advice on what surveys to order please view our surveys section or contract one of our Move Planners. Remember that either party can still pull out of the sale at this point, so if the survey throws up anything untoward, you’re not legally tied in.