Home moving guide

At Move with Us, we know that moving house is not often a simple journey and can be fraught with the unexpected. To combat any nasty surprises, it’s always best to plan as much as possible, collect all necessary research and garner as much know-how as you can before you decide to move.

To make finding all of this information as easy as possible, we have dedicated Move Planners ready to impart all their abundant property wisdom to help you, literally, plan your move. Your own dedicated Move Planner will provide free, independent advice to help everything run as smoothly as possible and they’ll also undertake all the time consuming aspects of your move on your behalf. You remain in control, making all the decisions but the Move Planners do the work, saving you time, money and often a lot of stress.

To help that little bit more, we’ve also put together a six step home moving guide using hints and tips from our moving gurus to make understanding the moving process as easy as 123.