Start viewing houses

Once you’ve short listed some properties it’s time to start viewing. Getting the knack of asking the right questions and looking for the right things can take a little practice so it’s best to be prepared.

When viewing a house you should:

  • Visited the property at different times of day. Try to visit at the time you think will show the property in its worst light – like during rush hour in the rain. If you still love it, then it’s a winner.
  • Looked for any signs of mould that could indicate damp
  • Try the taps and ask about the heating
  • Take camera so you can review and compare properties in your own time. Sometimes it’s difficult to remember which property is which after umpteen viewings.
  • Take a list of questions
  • Take a tape measure if you are concerned about particular items fitting in
  • Check for double glazing or other issues that could cost you money in the long-run

We’ve also compiled a list of FAQs to give you some inspiration about what to ask during a viewing.

  1. What’s the parking like?
  2. How long has the property been on the market?
  3. Are your electricity bills high?
  4. Why have you decided to move?
  5. Are there any structural problems with the building?
  6. Are you in a chain? How long is the chain?
  7. What exactly is included in the sale? – Garage, land etc
  8. What are the neighbours like?
  9. How is the water heated?
  10. What is the public transport like?