Preparing for moving day

Welcome to the final stage of your move. Moving day can be stressful but it’s also exciting too. Whether you are moving into a brand new home or rented accommodation, it’s all about organisation. With some careful planning it can go smoothly. To minimise your stress levels on moving day you can:

  • Order the removal van or hire a van for the weekend well in advance. Ask friends for advice on good removal companies or choose one with a good reputation.
  • Label boxes listing which room it’s for, its content and number it. It sounds pedantic but when you’re trying to unpack you want to be able to find everything.
  • Clearly instruct the removal men where to put everything and be able to make sure everything has arrived. It will make your life much easier at the other end of the move.
  • Warn your bank and your doctor you are moving.
  • Find the number of a takeaway near to your new home. Nobody wants to cook at the end of a hard day moving and you’ll certainly be hungry.
  • Make sure tea bags, milk, a kettle and some mugs and biscuits are easily accessible so you’re not void of a cuppa all day.
  • Search for good utility deals on your new property before you move and have the details to hand. It’s also wise to read the meters on both houses the day you move, write the numbers down and keep them somewhere safe. It’s always useful to have facts and figures when speaks to utility companies.
  • Make sure your kids and pets are looked after on moving day. Trust us, having them out the way for a day or two really will minimise the stress levels.

Some things first time buyers should watch out for:

  • Get rid of anything you don’t really want to keep before you move. The less you have to move, the better. There will be lots more than you think!
  • Try to purchase any furniture you may require after you move so that you have less to lug around on moving day and to avoid your new things from being damaged.
  • Keep all of your moving documents in one, easily accessible place.
  • Hiring a removal van can be expensive, around £1, 000 so build this into your budget. If you want to do it yourselves then remember to budget for the cost of hiring a van as well as buying boxes and tape.
  • When you have moved into your new house you will need to pay for a phone line and the internet to be connected as well as sort out any gas, water and electric bills.