Value my house

“How do I value my house?” – we hear this most days from those of you who wish to perform your own valuations. The truth is that, although you may get close, only an accredited estate agent will be able to provide a full and accurate house valuation.

Estate agents are highly trained to carefully value your property, as they recognise all the individual characteristics that make your home unique. An estate agent will also look at house values in the local area, and how your home compares to properties currently on-market or recently sold.

Although you do need an estate agent to value your property properly, there are some points you can take into consideration when looking at house values.

Property valuation

Any top tips on how I can value my house?

"I want to value my house but where do I begin?" Valuing your house is not a straightforward process. Firstly, research into the local market (via newspapers and websites) and find out what demand there is for similar properties to yours. Their listed price will give an indication into what yours is currently worth.

Can I do anything to increase the value of my house?

If you want to value your property to a reasonable degree, look objectively into the external appearance of your home. Your house value will partly rely on the ‘curb appeal’ of your property. Look at the front door, the number of windows and whether you have a garage/off-road parking, An estate agent will take all these factors into account, as the first sight of your home can often be the make or break moment for many prospective buyers.

How do I value my property?

What about how my house is presented?

The next thing to consider is the inside of your house and how the internal appearance would affect your house valuation. Make sure you de-clutter and keep the place clean and tidy. You can take this further by painting the walls in neutral colours and removing any strong smells. The aim of this is to let the prospective buyers imagine themselves living in the home.

Once you have taken these steps you should have a more clear idea into your house value, and the things that an agent looks at when performing their own valuation.

Who shall I get to value my house?

We always recommend using an estate agent to perform a free house valuation. They will understand the price you could potentially achieve, and also a price that you could quickly sell at.