Property valuation

Your house valuation will depend on a number of factors, from the local housing market to the age of your house and the estate agent you choose. Each individual house requires its own assessment to accurately measure the unique characteristics that make up the property value. The value of your home will then determine how quickly it sells and how much it sells for – so it’s important to get it right!

Property value guide

Everyone wants to receive the highest realistic valuation for their property and whilst there are some things you can’t change, the good news is, there are lots of things you can do to make sure you sell your house for big bucks!

Property valuation


When it comes to the valuation of your home, often size does matter. The estate agent will look at the overall space that your house occupies, as well as the size of each individual room. If you do not have a lot of spare space, then think about how to maximise what you do have. De-clutter each room by boxing things away in storage, light any dark corners and paint any dark rooms in a light, neutral colour so that your rooms look clear and spacious.  Afterwards you can pour yourself a cuppa, have a biscuit and rest assured you’ve done another little bit towards getting the maximum valuation for your house.

House type

House type does not necessarily dictate the property valuation, but it certainly plays a part. In the majority of cases you will find that detached properties achieve and hold the highest values in the market. However, in certain areas such as London, there will be smaller flats that command much higher property valuations than even large detached properties outside of the capital. Whilst you can’t detach a semi-detached house, you can follow all our other tips to make sure you get the highest possible valuation for your house.


Cleaning your home before a property valuation is an obvious and simple thing to do but you’d be surprised how often people overlook it. Giving your home a decent spring clean (paying particular attention to any bathroom mould) will not only help it to look better but means it will smell nice when any visitors arrive. If you want your house to smell particularly enticing it’s a good idea to have some fresh bread baking or a pot of coffee brewing when any visitors arrive.

Unique features

Think about what made you fall in love with the house and how you can show off those unique features during your property valuation. Clean and correctly light any lovable features so they are easily spotted by any viewers. You can also make sure you point them out to the estate agent marketing your house so they can expose them to potential buyers, willing them to pay more for your property.

Home interior

Look at the inside of your house objectively and try to judge if it is in the best possible condition ahead of the property valuation. Seeing your house day in, day out may make this hard so imagine you are the estate agent or the potential buyer.  Consider giving the house a lick of paint to clean and freshen up the space. It’s also a good idea to tone down any whacky decorating preferences to help the estate agent and potential buyers imagine themselves living in the property. Inexpensive decorating and psychological suggestions can really help to raise the property valuation you receive.

Home exterior

The exterior of your property will be the first thing anyone new to your house will see – and judge you on! Try and give the exterior as much 'wow' factor as you can. Things as simple as mowing the lawn, removing any weeds, clearing any clutter and tidying the dustbins will give you the best chance of achieving the highest property valuation.

Although you can’t alter things like the age and the size of the property, you can make sure that it is presented in the best possible light. Treat the estate agent as if they were a prospective buyer, pointing out to them the things that make your house so special and desirable. With this in mind, keep the house tidy, smelling fresh and in good condition. The agent will then be able to provide a great (and accurate!) property valuation and market your home positively once it’s for sale.

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