House prices

The UK property market is notorious for significant house price trends from region to region. Experts analyse house price trend data to try and forecast what is in store for the housing industry, with the media often reporting on the rises and falls to grab the headlines.

Property valuation

House price trends

House price trends needn’t be a deterrent or an incentive, more a guideline to use as part of your process. Keep an eye on the local market and the local house price trends as part of your research into the value of your own home. You should also speak with your estate agent about house prices in the area, as this will help you to understand your current selling position.

Regional house price trends

Although you will want to focus predominantly on your local area, it is also advisable to keep up to date with house prices across the different regions – as this will give you an idea into the wider picture. Areas such as London and the South tend to hold positive house prices for longer periods than northern regions and Scotland. This is due to a number of varying social and economic factors but will help you understand what it takes to sell your home in the current market.

Monitoring house price trends

The media, both online and offline, are generally quick to report on any change in the housing market and in particular house prices. Keep an eye out for these, but beware that they may be focused on stealing the headline rather than objectively reporting. There are also monthly and quarterly house price indexes which will help you understand the current house price trends and the direction they are moving.

Although house price trends may play a part in the value of your home, they do not determine what it is worth and the only way to find out is through a house valuation from an accredited estate agent. They will give you a target selling price, which takes into account house price trends.