Why use Move with Us?

We’re here to give you practical advice and information to ensure you are in control of your move at all times. Whether you need advice throughout the moving process, or just at certain points when you are unsure of what happens next.

Along the way, we’ll introduce you to tried and trusted people who have worked with us in the past and provided excellent service. One of the key services we would normally recommend on will be the estate agents you use. Really good agents are invaluable for providing local market knowledge along with feedback and advice on the progress of your house sale. Because we manage over 6,000 moves every year we will have experience of selling in your area and will have a good idea who would work best on your behalf.

Your move will take weeks and months so it is sensible to surround yourself with competent people you will enjoy working with. Our free in-depth advice will help you to keep those relationships on track, and more importantly, ensure that you get what you set out to achieve. Sometimes there are tough decisions to make and it is useful to be able to bounce your ideas and concerns off a completely independent and objective third party like us.

Our aim is to revolutionise the way people move home by making it easier to understand and even enjoyable. Moving home is really an exciting time!