What is a Move with Us estimate?

The Move with Us estimate is just an estimate, and provides an insight into the value of the property in question. We always strongly advise that you speak with an accredited estate agent after your online estimate to get a full valuation.

The Move with Us estimate is our predicted value of a house, depending on the time and date of your search. The estimate may vary in results depending on the data, and may be inaccurate or incomplete at times. The figures are calculated through data received from a variety of sources. We continually update our data to provide you with the best results.

Along with the current value of your home, you can also use the estimate data to find out how the price of the property has changed during the years through the graph. We do not advise that buyers use this tool to work out how much a house should cost, as it has been designed specifically for home sellers.

You can use the Move with Us estimate as an indicator, but it does not represent a formal valuation. Use this starting point for research purposes and speak with an accredited agent for a full, professional valuation.

What does the estimate consist of?

  • Approximate estimate

The first section will give you the approximate estimate value of your property. This should be used as a starting point, which you can build on by arranging a full valuation through one of our recommended agents. The estimate takes into account data from a variety of sources, along with local property sales.

  • Estimate graph

The graph will show you the journey that the price of your property has taken since you purchased it. You can use this information to assess your current selling position. This should be backed up by a full valuation from a local estate agent, who will be able to give an accurate valuation for your house.

  • Comparable properties

Finally, we list comparable sold and for sale properties to show you where your property fits in with the current market. A full valuation from an estate agent will include comparable properties, and show you your current selling position.

*The Move with Us estimate is our online assessment of a property value and does not constitute a valuation. Our data may be incomplete or inaccurate and should be supported with a full valuation from an accredited estate agent.