How is it calculated?

The Move with Us estimate takes into account various data sources when calculating the figures. We use a sophisticated algorithm which takes into account a wide range of sources, as well as take into account local property sales.

This data is regularly updated, ensuring that the results provided are as close to accurate as possible. Users can update their calculation by adding any home improvements that the property may have received. Examples of these include:

  • New kitchen
  • New bathroom
  • Central heating
  • Alarm system
  • Loft conversion
  • Extra bedroom

The calculation will take into account these improvements and adjust the figures accordingly. The system updates when new content is received from our data sources, and is represented in the calculations. As the calculations are made automatically they may be inaccurate or incomplete, and therefore cannot be considered as full valuations.

We ask you how much your home was worth when you purchased it, as you may have been able to negotiate a significant discount depending on the seller's situation. Because of this, it would be inaccurate to report on what the house was bought for.

We strongly recommend that you use the online estimate as a starting point, and arrange for a full valuation from an accredited estate agent to give you an accurate value of your home.


*The Move with Us estimate is our online assessment of a property value and does not constitute a valuation. Our data may be incomplete or inaccurate and should be supported with a full valuation from an accredited estate agent.