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Community and Sponsorship

We firmly believe that a sense of community starts at home, which is why we’re committed to supporting and funding initiatives and groups in our own backyard. Our team live, work and play in and alongside our headquarters in St Ives, Cambridgeshire. We do our shopping here, meet with friends on the weekend, raise families here, and cheer local sports teams.
As individuals we share the same interests and care about the same issues that either impacts us directly or our loved ones, and as a business we want to see our community do well. That’s why Move with Us is proud to support local, because we are local.

Our current sponsorships include:

St Ives Rangers Colts U11 Blue Sox

Brampton F.C. Men’s 1st Team

St Ives Town Ladies F.C.

St Ives Town Ladies Development Team F.C.

Huntingdonshire Cricket Malvern Tour

St Ives Town Cricket Club

Fenstanton Football Club

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Supporting Tomorrow’s Future, Today

As part of our role in the Simplify Group, we also do work that has a big impact beyond our immediate community. Together, through regular staff donations and company kick-in, we’ve raised enough money to build a school in the remote community of Tang Jik in Cambodia.

To achieve our goal we partnered with United World Schools (UWS), an organisation dedicated to improving education for some of the world’s poorest children. Their mission is to ‘teach the unreached’ by providing a free basic education to children living in remote and marginalised communities. Given the importance education can play not only in a child’s development, but on their future and the future of their community, we saw this as a chance to make a real difference.

UWS Tang Jik School was finished in June 2017, named after the town where it is located. The school consists of four classrooms, two toilets, a teacher house, and a well to provide the village with access to safe drinking water. Move with Us are proud to have contributed to this Simplify Group initiative – we believe in investing today for the betterment of tomorrow.