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We provide access to some of the UK’s most saleable and chain free housing. As these properties are chain free and priced accurately they represent some of the best opportunities available in the current market.

What is chain free?

Chain free means that there is no other party present in the 'property chain'. You can buy the property in question without relying on another deal to go through. In the current market a large number of transactions fall through and that is why chain free properties are so sought after.

Where do chain free properties come from?

We work on behalf of some of the leading home builder and lender businesses in the country, with our clients wishing for their properties to be sold quickly without complication or delay. Chain free properties are ideal for home buyers across the country for a number of reasons...


  • Their realistic prices
  • Their chain free nature
  • They often come with additional incentives, such as discounted legal fees or shared equity

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