Move with Us was born in 1997 as Partners in Property, a forward thinking company looking to bring a new level of value and care to the process of moving home. 

The story began with the creation of a national network of estate agents who shared the same innovative vision focused on choice and ease, ensuring that home movers received a proactive and diverse approach which delivered excellent customer service.

The success of this devoted group gathered speed, with likeminded agents all over the country joining the movement, which now stands at over 1200 members. This dedicated support allowed us the opportunity to invest and develop, providing our clients with the latest in online and sale status innovations, whilst maintaining a welcoming and attentive service to our customers.

In 2002, we renamed as Move with Us as a reflection of our open and integrated attitude towards property, as we work alongside our customers to supply them the choice and control to succeed in the market. Fast forward just a few years and the number of employees involved with movewithus has risen to over 250, ensuring that we are able to maintain the close and personal feel of a local provider with the resources of a national network.

Despite the economic uncertainty experienced in recent years, movewithus continued their commitment to providing reliable and stable support in the property market, with our strong emphasis on customer service serving as the fundamental principle for each business area.

Key to the continuing success of Move with Us is our flexibility and adaptability in what is a progressive and developing market, as we continue to design and develop new and inventive solutions to sustain the highest quality service.  

The original aims set out in 1997 are just as important today, as we are continuing to share our passion to help and inspire our customers to make a house their home.

During 2010 we fully rebranded the company, in order to match our forward thinking attitude and plans for the future. Our parent company is Move with Us plc, and we have divided our business into three main categories:

  • Move with Us Consumer - making moving home easy for our customers
  • Move with Us Partner Network - encompassing our network of estate agents
  • Move with Us Property Services - consisting of our asset management and developer clients

Our continued success is down to our ability to change and adapt depending on the market we are working in. We are looking towards 2012 with optimism and enthusiasm, which we will share with everyone that we work with. Through our commitment to continuous innovation, exceptional service and outstanding value we do property, properly.