Would you move around the corner from your parents?

20 September 2012

New data from Aviva, the insurance company has revealed that 38% of people stay within five miles of their parents’ home when they move out. A further 10% moved less than a mile from home and 3% even moved to the next street as reported on homemove.co.uk.

The majority of people moved only 3.5 miles when they moved away from home for the first time.
Aviva’s survey also detailed that people in the north-east of England are the most likely to live near home with 42% staying within a five mile radius.

The Welsh are the most likely to move far away from home as 44% of respondents move over 20 miles away, much higher than the national average of 29%.

Louise Colley,Head of Protection Sales and Marketing noted on homemove.co.uk that: “Multi-generational living is fast becoming the norm in the UK with many young adults living with family for longer as they find their feet financially.”

She adds: “We’ve also found however that even when people do leave home for the first time, many are still keen to stay close to family.”


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