Would you live with Cheryl Cole?

15 July 2011

Although she's spent her time in America recently trying to make it on their version of the X Factor, Cheryl Cole has still topped a recent survey to find the ideal celebrity housemate.

The poll, carried out by the Deposit Protection Service, asked 1,000 tenants who their preferred celebrity roommate would be.

Cheryl Cole led the way with 8% of the votes, significantly ahead of Johnny Depp (4%), David Beckham (3%) and Lady Gaga (3%).

If you continue far enough down the list then you will find some more unusual choices - such as Johnny Vegas, Dot Cotton and Mr T.

Surprisingly, not many tenants went for a practical option such as a chef or celebrity cleaner, instead preferring singers and bands as their desired housemates.

There's one thing that's certain, Cheryl Cole will definitely be able to keep up with her rent payments!

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