World's narrowest house

14 July 2011

A property set to be built in Warsaw, Poland has been dubbed the narrowest building in the world. Just 60 inches wide, the new apartment will be squashed between an alley and an old tenement block once it is complete.

The building - which will include a lounge, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom is so narrow that there won't be a staircase for the owner, as instead they will have to climb the floors using a ladder. The house will be four stories high, and go back nearly 40ft on each floor.

This unusual building has already been snapped up, with Israeli artist Etgar Keret deciding to make this his new home, but we are not quite sure of the exact house valuation.

The current narrowest house in the world can be found in the Scottish isle of Great Cumbrae. The Wedge, as it is called, is just 47 inches across the front, but spreads to 22ft as it moves back from the road. The Polish architects designing the new property claim that theirs trumps the current record holder, as theirs is narrower throughout the entire building.



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