17 November 2010

There is being just another buyer, and then there is being a hot buyer. It’s safe to say that the latter is the one you should strive to be – as it puts you in the best place to buy your new home.

What can I do to be a hot buyer?

• Prepare your legals early – appoint a solicitor and get your documentation together

• Work out what you can afford – use a mortgage calculator to determine your finances

• Be proactive about your property search – ask neighbours, research into local areas, ask as many questions as possible

• Look beneath the surface for any renovation that needs to be carried out – you can commission initial surveys to help with this

• Don’t be afraid to negotiate – as both you and the seller want to get the best price possible


You can also visit our buying tips page for further details on what you can do to help you along the buying process.



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