Top five haunted houses

26 October 2011

1. Talbot Hotel

This 16th century building situated in Oundle, Northamptonshire, is allegedly haunted by Mary Queen of Scots. Mary even walked down the hotel’s staircase on her way to be executed!

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2. Elvey Farm

Elvey Farm in Pluckley, Kent, is home to a ‘weeping wanderer’ and is situated in the middle of England’s most haunted village.

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3. Ruthin Castle

This castle in Wales features not only a whipping pit but a drowning pit too. It’s also home to murderous lovers and a ghostly soldier too.

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4. Comlongon Castle

In this Scottish castle resides, Lady Marion Carruthers who committed suicide by jumping from the tower. Her ghost now roams the castle, is reportedly green and smells of apples.

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5. Chillingham Castle

The Blue Boy haunts this castle in Northumberland. His moans and cries can be heard near to one specific wall of this majestic haunted house whilst the spirit of Lady Mary Berkeley searches for her lost husband (he ran away with her sister).

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