13 June 2012

Tokyo has been named the world’s most expensive city in an annual cost of living survey conducted by Mercer.

Mercer calculated its data based on the requirements of expatriates and found Tokyo to be the most expensive city where a cup of coffee costs approximately £5.25, a newspaper £4 and a litre of milk £2.

British cities have fallen down the list with London coming in as the 25th most expensive city, down from 18th place last year.

According to The Guardian, Birmingham came in at 133rd, Aberdeen 144th and Glasgow 161st. Belfast ranked 165th as the UK’s cheapest major city coming in behind Budapest and Cairo.

Mercer’s survey considers the cost of small items of living such as a hamburger, or a cinema ticket and also includes renting an upmarket two bedroom apartment.

Renting an apartment in Luanda, Angola will cost approximately £4,114 with London coming in at £2,800 and Hong Kong at £4,489.


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