Tips for selling your house this Summer

12 July 2011

The Summer sunshine is fast approaching and, for many of you, this means more hours of daylight in which to sell your house in. Although the attractive lighting and gardens will make your property more appealing, there are also a number of other tips for selling your house this Summer.

Consider the first impression of your house, and how you want this to come across to anyone viewing your property. As a helping hand, here are our top Summer selling tips:

  • Green fingers

Keep grass as green as possible, and lawns well maintained to attract more buyers. If you find yourself with a brown patch on the grass, place some furniture over it to try and conceal this blemish. With the garden still in mind, flowers and plants in bloom can add colour and life to your outdoor area.

  •  Serves the purpose

Make sure that each room is shown for its original purpose. For instance, if the dining room is now a second lounge, clear all the possessions away and show the viewer the full potential of the dining room. In a similar vein, try to store away as much paperwork etc - so it's not cluttering up the second bedroom!

  • Keep it airy

Open windows and let air in, to remove any strong smells. As it's Summer you can let in a breeze without making the viewer cold. This is especially important in your teenagers' bedrooms!

  • Let there be light

Let as much natural light as possible into the house. If some rooms don't have much light then put in a small lamp and try to brighten it up if you can.

  • De-clutter!

Viewers don't want to be tripping over coats or toys in the hallway. Get everything out the way and into cupboards. You can put certain items out strategically, for instance a bunch of flowers in a vase can create a positive atmosphere in a room.

  • Beware strong smells

No-one wants to walk into a room and be greeted with a strong smell of curry, or infant's nappies! However, the right smell can be very appealing. Freshly brewed coffee and baked bread can extinguish any bad odours and make your house more appealing.

  • Don't work with children or animals

Try to give the viewer your full attention, without being distracted by a dog running around or children crying. Get a friend or relative to look after them for an hour or two whilst you look after your guest.

  • Give them space

There's a fine line between being helpful and being pushy. Take a step back and let the viewer get their own feel for the house. Be receptive to any questions if they crop up though, as you know more about your house than anyone else.

It's time for Summer house sales and use our tips on selling your house in Summer in order to get your move going in the right direction.

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