17 January 2011

What are the most important factors that come into play when picking an estate agent? Sellers should consider a number of things, such as the accuracy of their valuation, their reputation in the local area and their ability to sell homes.

Locating the estate agents in your local area is the first step. Use the internet to search, and ask around the local neighbourhood to see if any recommendations can be made. There are also accredited estate agents out there, who have been recognised for their performance and ability to sell houses.

The valuation is arguably the most important step. Getting this right in the initial stages could be the difference between achieving a house sale or not. The agent should explain how they have reached their figure, as they take into account the specific features of your house as well as factors like local market conditions and comparable properties in the area.

At this stage you can also find out how the agent plans to market your property. Through various online and offline tactics they will look to generate the most interest in your home. These are likely to include a for-sale board, local paper advertising and inclusion on the agent's website. With more and more home buyers using the internet to search for their next home, the agent's online presence could be a deciding factor when selling your home.

Picking the right estate agent to sell your home is a vital part of the process, and can make a huge amount of difference between achieving a sale or having your house stuck on the market with little interest. Consider the valuation, the fee, the marketing strategy, the reputation of the agent and also the general impression you get when you meet them. They will be selling your house, your most important asset, so getting this choice right is vital.


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