The ‘Earth-scraper’

19 October 2011

Architects have designed a 65 floor building with a twist, it’s all underground.

The gigantic building tapers down 300m into the earth in a pyramid shape. The Daily Mail has reported that the building, designed for the centre of Mexico City originated from plans to avoid height restrictions on buildings in the capital that stipulates no building can be more than eight floors high.

It has been designed to incorporate homes, shops and museums as well as saving 35 floors for offices.

The underground building would be made largely from glass, and will also feature a glass topped roof to let in natural light and allow those walking over the building to see in.

The innovative design preserves the square in the centre of Mexico City and also allows it to continue functioning in its normal manner being the venue for concerts and military parades.

The unique design has however raised questions over its suitability for a place that is vulnerable to earthquakes and issues over who will clean the windows.

Pictures sourced from the BNKR Arquitectura/Solent News and Photo Agency.

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