The best way to value a house

3 February 2011

"I need to value my house!"

We hear this day in, day out as we all want to know what our houses are worth. From those that are simply speculating to home movers looking to sell their house quickly, thousands of people every day look to find out the value of their homes.

So what is the best way to value a house?

There are three options to consider. The first one, and the least recommended, is to value your house yourself. A handful of people attempt to take this route, but unfortunately this often leads to incorrect valuations and their property struggling to generate viewings or offers.

The second, and a more common route taken, is the online valuation. You can enter the details of your property and within seconds you can find out an online estimate of your home. This should give you a good initial figure and is a useful starting point in the process. However, you must remember that the online estimate tool is based on computer generated information and is unable to take into account the specific and unique characteristics of your home.

The third, and most recommended, option is to arrange full house valuation from an accredited estate agent. These take just a few seconds to set up and an agent will visit your house within a couple of days to tell you its true value. The agent will be an expert in valuing property in the local area and will know exactly what it takes to sell houses. As well as evaluate your home, the agent will also take into account local market factors, such as recent sold and for sale comparable properties.

When shall I get my house valued?

There's no time to waste! Arrange a free house valuation today and learn the true value of your home. Click on the image below to fill out a short form and get the ball rolling.

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