The 500,000 GBP view

29 February 2012

Turner's Lune Valley increased the value of a property by £500,000.
Artist J.M.W. Turner painted Lune Valley depicting a view of the Cumbrian landscape. Painted from the ground of St Mary’s church in 1816, Victorian critic Ruskin described it as ‘One of the loveliest scenes in England – and therefore the world’.

This famous view can also be enjoyed from Abbot’s Brow, the property adjoining St. Mary’s church which, according to the Daily Mail, is now on sale for £1.75 million.

The Cumbrian view that increased a house valuation by half a million pounds.

Estate agents have commented that the house valuation of the Grade II listed property is £500,000 higher than similar properties in the area. This has been attributed to the famous views and the English history that comes with the property.

The five bedroom property is being sold reluctantly and has planning permission to be turned into flats.

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