25 January 2011

Hopefully you enjoyed the first part of our home selling strategy. In this section of the guide we will take a look at the importance of motivation and making the most of your bargaining power.

The housing market will continue to experience ups and downs, as the cycle of supply and demand affects prices. What won’t change are the benefits you can bring to your house sale by having the right motivation. The buyers that are in the market will look for the best property and will want reassurance that the purchase will go ahead. You can show potential buyers that you are serious and mean business when selling your property. To do this make sure that you have instructed your solicitor early, and that all aspects of the sale are arranged as early as possible.

As a seller, you become a buyer with bargaining power and the ability to negotiate a good deal on your new home. Keep an eye out for what else is on the market, and what is available for you to buy. It may be that your ability to purchase your new home actually shifts when you know what bids are you coming in for your existing property. Remember to be realistic during this process, as out-pricing your home in order to afford your next may leave you stagnant on the market.

So motivation and having strong bargaining power are effective measures, which you can control, when selling in the current market. We are halfway through our home selling series now, click here to see part one

Stay tuned for part three, which will look at the importance of your relationship with the estate agent.

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