1 February 2011

Part three of our home selling series focuses on the importance of building a good relationship with your estate agent. They will be responsible for selling your home, one of your most important assets, and you should be as open as possible about your wishes and needs for the move.

It is important to keep in contact with your estate agent. Regular communication with your agent will show them that you mean business and you are a seller they should take seriously. If you are getting viewers but the house isn’t selling, get the feedback from your agent and find out what the viewers are saying about your home. Don’t take feedback too personally (as everyone has their own taste) and be open minded, as they will help you when finding a buyer. By building a trusting relationship with your estate agent you can put yourself ahead of other sellers, as they are more likely to bring the buyer to you than the unaccommodating vendor down the road. If you are lucky enough to not rely on a chain then you are in a strong position to sell, and your agent can make the most of this when advertising your home.

Remember that you are in competition with other sellers, and you should look at doing everything you can to make your property stand out from the crowd. Speak with your estate agent about this, and whether there are any incentives you can add to your home to make it attractive to buyers. Flexibility and creativity could be key to selling your home, so consider things like paying the stamp duty for the buyer. This may make the difference when selling your home. As mentioned previously, speak with your agent about your options.

Your estate agent is the one advertising and marketing your home to potential buyers, and getting them on-side and working hard for you could be the most important aspect when selling a house. Work closely with them to achieve this, whilst considering what you can do to make your home more attractive to purchase.

If you previously missed them, take a look at parts one and two of this series to find more information on how to sell your home.


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