20 January 2011

We want to help you sell your home. And to help you we have put together a four part series on tips you can use to sell your home in the current market. Welcome to the first in this series!

Where to start? The first thing to consider, and what is usually a defining factor in house sales, is your target price. Setting it too high, especially in the current market, could price you out the reach of potential buyers. In the current market there is an influx of available properties and not enough buyers to take advantage of it. Therefore you need to price your house competitively to make it stand out from the crowd. If your property is in the lower bracket for your house type then you open it up to a wider audience. The best route to take is to arrange a full valuation from an accredited estate agent, as they will be able to accurately judge your property’s selling position in the current market. Remember, the most important point is, your house is only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it.

Once you have priced your house correctly, you should establish whether you can get a mortgage. Getting an agreement in principle with a mortgage lender will indicate your intention and show your estate agent your motivation to move. Speak with an independent financial advisor who should outline your financial ability, and all the move costs associated with selling a home. Arming yourself with all this information, plus a mortgage, will put you in a very strong position to negotiate.

So by setting the right price, and getting as prepared as possible from an early stage, is the right start to make when selling your home.

This is just a quick insight into selling a home. Keep your eyes peeled for the next three instalments of this series, which will all focus on how to sell your home in the current market.

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