13 September 2012

Property owners can increase the likelihood of successfully selling their home if they set a realistic asking price.

Director of Mouseprice, Selwyn Lym, believes that too many people are setting asking prices that are too high.

He explained that over the last few years a high number of property owners have been struggling to sell their property due to setting inappropriate asking prices.

He commented on houseladder.co.uk that: "Our advice to sellers would be to start at a realistic [price] early, rather than have it on at a high level and then just wait and wait before reducing it."

He added that fewer sales are bound to take place when prices are set too highly.

Our top five tips for securing an accurate property valuation are:
1. Obtain at least two valuations
2. Ensure they are from local, accredited estate agents
3. Look at the sold prices of properties similar to yours
4. Don’t just go with the agent that values your property the highest. It’s easy to be dazzled by the lure of more money but a property makes the biggest impact when it first comes to the market so it’s important to set an accurate asking price from the start. Use the sold prices of comparable properties and your estate agent to guide you
5. You can increase your property valuation by ensuring it’s tidy, free from clutter, all DIY projects are finished and that it’s decorated in a neutral colour before you have it valued.

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