21 August 2012

New research from Halifax has shown that properties surrounding the top Premier league football stadiums have doubled in price over the last decade.

Halifax’s data revealed that the average house price in the postal districts of the Premier league football teams has increased by 137% in the last decade. The average house price for England and Wales went up by 90% in the same period.

The average property price near to a stadium has risen from £152,891 in April 2002 to £362,866 in April 2012 which equates to a £404 weekly rise.

The lender’s figures also demonstrated that the average property price in stadium postal districts stood at £362,866 in April which was 58% higher than the average property price for England and Wales at £229,735.

Properties near to Chelsea and Fulham football clubs cost the most with an average property price of £749,530 in April 2012. Property prices in Reading cost the most outside of London at £220,423.

Housing Economist at Halifax, Martin Ellis noted on insidehousing.co.uk that: ‘House prices close to the nation’s most iconic football stadiums have risen substantially over the past decade, particularly in the areas near to some of the newest venues.’

‘This partly reflects the local regeneration that typically takes place alongside the building of modern sporting arenas, including improved transport links. The rise in property values does, however, come at a cost with home affordability deteriorating significantly over the last10 years for those hoping to live near their favourite football ground.’


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