Pixar house sells for $400,000

7 December 2011

A home designed on the Disney-Pixar movie Up has sold for $400,000.

The property in Salt-Lake city Utah has been designed on the home the movie’s main protagonist, Carl Frederickson, lives his life out in. Refusing to sell his home to developers, he attaches balloons to his house and flies off on an adventure to South America.

The replica home features heaps of features from the movie including a blue kitchen, hand written names on the mail box and replica furniture inside.

The official Disney-Pixar home has been sold to Clinton and Lynette Hamblin who have been looking to buy a house similar to the one in Up for some time. They are set to move in on Lynette’s birthday, 4 January.

Designer, Adam Bangeter told the Associated Press in the Guardian that it “illustrates what home ownership really is, and it's not an investment. It's part of the American dream to have a house to care for, to improve and to make part of your family."

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