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A bad neighbourhood can devalue your property

16 January 2015

Estate agents were asked which three things they believe most devalue a home. A bad neighbourhood topped the bill with 75% of the vote.

High local crime rates came in second with 43% and followed by loud, unfriendly neighbours at 31%. Badly performing schools received 28% of the vote.


November shows a steady mortgage market

9 January 2015

Figures from the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) for November 2014 have shown there was a dip in gross mortgage lending in comparison to October 2014, however, figures show the market is stable when compared to November 2013.

The CML estimates that gross mortgage lending reached £16.9 billon in November. This is 9% lower than October, however, matches the £16.9 billon seen in November 2013.

The CML published their market forecasts for the next two years and reported they expect to see lending grow in 2015 and 2016 but more slowly than 2014.

Mohammad Jamei, Economist CML commented: “Current activity in the housing market has eased with transactions back down to levels seen almost a year ago.

"The reform in stamp duty is likely to provide a modest short-term boost in activity over the next few months, but its impact will fade away in the medium term."


Dining rooms move up the room rankings at Christmas

16 December 2014

Dining rooms are very attractive to those of us that are looking to entertain over the festive period.


Employment patterns and house price performance

8 December 2014

There’s been a rise in property values in areas where employment has improved in recent years.


Stamp duty changes brings good news for home buyers

4 December 2014

The chancellor announced as part of his Autumn Statement that Stamp duty on home purchases is to be reformed from 4 December 2014. This is great news for the property market with 98% of homebuyers in England and Wales set to pay £4,500 less in stamp duty.


Growth up north as rents in Wales increase more than Greater London

21 November 2014

Data from the latest Move with Us Rental Index has revealed Wales saw the biggest rise in advertised rents in October of £37 (6.05%) to reach £696.


Do eccentric home improvements add value?

14 November 2014

With the rising popularity of more unusual home improvements or small space projects, advocated in shows such as George Clarke's Amazing Spaces, home owners are becoming increasingly more inventive with DIY projects, making the most of the space they have available.


Where are the best areas to purchase a buy-to-let property?

7 November 2014

The property market is once again making news with a rise in rental prices and continued low interest rates causing more people to look at investing in property. The rental sector has increased by 18% in July this year, and by 7% since June. Although the improving market is something many are happy to see, first time investors can feel very uneasy when attempting to navigate terrain they know little or nothing about. One of the key components to making the buy-to-let market work for you, is knowing where the best yields are most likely to appear.

Luckily, have released an interactive map of the UK which highlights which locations will deliver the best and very worst annual returns; an invaluable tool that all potential investors should have a look at. The 'Yield Interactive Heat Map' is a carefully crafted array of data from over 2,682 postcodes and 751,600 properties amassed from and Wikipedia.


Spooky décor puts homebuyers off

31 October 2014

Moving home on Friday the 13th and the house number "13" are some of the most superstitious reasons for spooking potential homebuyers, according to research by Move with Us, home of the largest network of independent estate agents in Britain.


London market climbs £118 in Q3 2014

24 October 2014

The average national rent has been significantly influenced by a burgeoning London market in Q3 2014. The average advertised rent in the capital has risen by a staggering £118 in Q3 to reach £2,452 per month. This figure is £230 higher than it was during the same period in 2013.


Properties in National Parks cost £125,000 more

17 October 2014

Data from Lloyds bank recently demonstrated that homes in the National Parks of England and Wales come with a premium of around 58% compared to the country average.


How to dress a house for a sale

25 September 2014

There have been great improvements in the property market and Britain has seen some of the fastest selling times on record this year. However, this does not mean we should become complacent when presenting our properties for sale. Appearance is paramount and if you are looking to get the best price for your property, read our top tips.


Agents are willing to diversify marketing services for customers

17 September 2014

Sixty-eight per cent of high street estate agents are willing to consider introducing a range of tailored services for home movers in addition to providing the traditional services, according to the latest survey* from Move with Us, home of the largest network of independent estate agents in Britain.
Of the estate agents prepared to diversify their services, 88% revealed that they would offer a bundle of services, allowing homeowners to pick their preferred option and to have greater control over the services they receive. These include a combination of listing a property for sale on Rightmove and/or Zoopla only, taking professional photos, writing the property description as well as handling viewings and negotiations if required.
Seventy per cent of estate agents have seen competition increase in their local area with a rise in the number of new offices opening in the last three months. Estate agents offering this added level of flexibility are more likely to remain competitive in the face of increased high street competition. Agents differentiating themselves from others in their area will be better placed to thrive in the current market conditions by retaining and winning new clients.
Robin King, Director at Move with Us commented: “The property market is a long way behind many other industries in terms of providing customers with choice, flexibility and convenience.”
“The market is evolving quickly and high street estate agents are starting to look at providing a range of marketing packages for home movers. This approach will provide home movers with greater benefits and attempt to keep moving costs down. They’ll receive flexibility and the security of face to face contact to support them through one of the biggest transactions of a lifetime.”


The South leads the charge as rents exceed record £1,000 consumer

4 August 2014

The average advertised rent for Great Britain has exceeded £1,000, having increased by 2.46% compared to the first quarter of 2014.
Advertised rents peaked in the last week of June when they reached £1,018 per month, after continuing on an upward trend for more than 12 months.
The London market has contributed significantly to the increase in the national average advertised rent. Rents in the capital continue to grow at a much faster rate than any of the other regions, increasing more than £70 in Q2 2014 and reaching £2,334 per month.
The South East and East Anglia have both performed well in the second quarter of the year, increasing by £64 and £37 from the previous quarter. 
The North East and the North West were the only regions where the average advertised rent declined in both a quarterly and yearly comparison, falling to £649 per month and £619 per month respectively. Yorkshire & Humber also saw its average advertised rents fall by £23 in the second quarter of the year, over 4.11% less than Q1 2014.
Scotland recorded the highest annual percentage increase of any region in Britain at 8.39%. This is more than both Greater London and the South East which grew by 7.76% and 8.03%. Average advertised rents in Scotland ended the quarter by hitting a yearly high of £737 per month in June.
Robin King, Director, Move with Us, says: “The second quarter of the year has seen average advertised rents in most regions continue to follow the growth recorded in the first three months of 2014. However, the divide between the North and South of the country was strongly accentuated in the last quarter. While rents in London, the South East and East Anglia performed well and increased steadily in Q2 2014, regions in the North such as the North East and the North West experienced a slight decline over the same period. Scotland was the exception of the North, recording the highest annual percentage increase of any region in Britain, more than London and the South East.”


Millions of homeowners plan to let rooms

30 June 2014

Research from Direct Line has revealed that millions of homeowners are planning to let at least one room in their property this year to help boost their finances over the coming months.
The figures reveal that up to 3.2 million homeowners are now considering letting a room in their property. The typical income per room is £54 per night.
They also reported that many homeowners are not taking adequate precautions in regards to expanded home insurance cover in case of damage to their belongings.
Head of Select Premier Insurance Louise Lumley commented: "It is vital that homeowners take the time to protect their properties, 


Rental prices in the South East reach record high

27 May 2014

The rental market stabilised in April following successive periods of growth across the country. The average advertised rent in Britain stood at £994 per month at the end of April. This is not necessarily an indication of a weakening market but more likely a tempering of the growing rents of the last 12 months.
Scotland, the South East and the West Midlands were the only three regions that experienced an increase in average asking rents this month. This was welcome news for landlords. Countering this growth, rental prices stabilised in most regions in April, however the market was up £27 (2.81%) in a yearly comparison.
The strongest performing region in April was the South East. Rents increased by £19, equivalent to 1.71% and the 12 month comparison shows the market’s average advertised rent outstripped last year’s by £79 (7.13%). The average asking rent has grown since the start of the year, following a relatively steady 2013. The average rent in the region peaked at £1,191 per month, the highest advertised rent recorded since the inception of the Rental Index. This reinforces its position as the most prominent market outside of the Capital.
London’s market remains strong. The average advertised rent in the Capital stood at £2,257 per month in April and although minor fluctuations are to be expected they should not be considered to have any detrimental effect. The general trend continues to be one of growth.
Rents in the Yorkshire & Humber region fell by £20 in April. This follows the national trend as most regions saw a readjustment following steady increases during the first few months of the year. These adjustments are common as the average rent returns to expected levels.


Shortage of three bedroom semi-detached homes

6 May 2014

Fifty-seven per cent of estate agents across the UK are experiencing a shortage in the number of semi-detached homes available for sale. This is followed by bungalows, with 53% of estate agents believing there is a shortage and 48% reporting a lack of terraced homes.


Increasing confidence from sellers

22 April 2014

Home owners in the UK that are planning to sell are becoming increasingly confident, research from Halifax has revealed.
In the current economic climate 56% of Brits feel the next 12 months could be a good time to put their property on the market. This is the highest score from Halifax’s quarterly Housing Market Confidence Tracker since April 2011 when it was launched.
The first three months of 2014 have seen growth in housing transactions and this will increase sellers’ optimism for the rest of the year. 
Craig McKinlay, Mortgages Director at Halifax, commented: "The increase in optimism is partly due to stronger house prices and this shift could provide a much needed increase in the supply of properties available for sale during the rest of the year."

Home owners in the UK that are planning to sell are becoming increasingly confident, research from Halifax has revealed.

In the current economic climate 56% of Brits feel the next 12 months could be a good time to put their property on the market. This is the highest score from Halifax’s quarterly Housing Market Confidence Tracker since April 2011 when it was launched.

The first three months of 2014 have seen growth in housing transactions and this will increase sellers’ optimism for the rest of the year.

Craig McKinlay, Mortgages Director at Halifax, commented: "The increase in optimism is partly due to stronger house prices and this shift could provide a much needed increase in the supply of properties available for sale during the rest of the year."


Record low of empty homes

14 April 2014

The Department for Communities and Local Government have revealed that the number of empty homes in the UK has reached a 10 year low.
There was a total of 635,127 empty homes recorded across the UK at the end of October 2013. This is reported to be a reduction of one-fifth since 2009 and the lowest level for the sector since 2004. Furthermore, the number of properties that have been empty for six months or more (considered long term vacant properties) have reduced by one-third since 2009.
Communities Minister Stephen Williams commented: "This is a significant achievement, which is not only delivering more homes but also creating more jobs and apprenticeships, leading to both a stronger economy and a fairer society as these properties are renovated."


House hunters choose modern living

9 April 2014

Research from has revealed some interesting facts about house hunters. Potential owners in the UK are increasingly looking to take on property that is ready to move into. revealed that 81% of house hunters would be put off investing in a property if it needed considerable renovation. Instead they would prefer a property they can move into and start enjoying straight away without carrying out any work.
Remarkably the survey also suggested that 61% of house hunters prefer older style homes to new builds.
Ben Wilson from home insurance commented: "While many people enjoy watching home make-over and renovation programmes on TV, our research suggests that most aren't that keen on undertaking their own 'grand design' or restoration project."

Research from has revealed some interesting facts about house hunters. Potential owners in the UK are increasingly looking to take on property that is ready to move into. revealed that 81% of house hunters would be put off investing in a property if it needed considerable renovation. Instead they would prefer a property they can move into and start enjoying straight away without carrying out any work.

Remarkably the survey also suggested that 61% of house hunters prefer older style homes to new builds.

Ben Wilson from home insurance commented: "While many people enjoy watching home make-over and renovation programmes on TV, our research suggests that most aren't that keen on undertaking their own 'grand design' or restoration project."


Brits better off buying

17 March 2014

Many Brits are keen to get on to the property ladder and there’s good reason. The costs involved in home ownership have been reported to be less than the costs of renting. This makes home ownership even more attractive, reports.
According to the latest Halifax Buying vs. Renting Review, individuals who own their own home have been shown to be better off by £124 a month. The data from Halifax showed the average monthly cost of owning a three bedroom property in the UK at £645 per month compared to the average cost of renting at £769.raig McKinlay, Mortgage Director at Halifax said: "There has been a substantial improvement in the affordability of owning compared to renting in recent years, which has been driven by the fact that monthly home ownership costs have fallen by a third (32%) since 2008."


84% of home movers instruct solicitors too late in the moving process

1 March 2014

Research has revealed that the majority of home movers act too late when instructing their solicitor or conveyancer, causing potential delays in the process.
The survey, which was conducted among independent estate agents, found that 84% of their customers instruct a solicitor once an offer has been accepted on a property rather than when they put their house on the market or they first start looking to buy. 
Sellers that are Legally Prepared early in the transaction move on average up to 11* days faster. Instructing a solicitor early also helps to lower the risk of the buyer or seller pulling out of the sale.
If a buyer is Legally Prepared when they make an offer they will be seen by the seller as a serious buyer which could help safeguard their purchase. This could become crucial as there’s often fierce competition between buyers in the current market. In-turn, keeping a buyer can also prove difficult. However, when both parties are Legally Prepared early it speeds up the process reducing the risk of the property transaction falling through.
*Figures are based on an analysis of just over 1,000 completed conveyancing files by Move with Us from 1 January – 23 September 2013. The results show the average time from sold subject to contract to exchange across the panel reduced by 11 days for customers using Navigator.


Take heed of your property’s flood risk warning

24 February 2014

With the welcome arrival of spring, most of us will be looking forward to some improved weather conditions.
However, as we live in a country notorious for its erratic and often wet weather, and with the increase in floods in Britain over the last 10 years, it’s becoming more important than ever for home owners to look at the flood risks that properties might be prone to. Many ignore the flood warnings that their solicitors find when carrying out searches on their property. 
Even fewer potential buyers do their own research to uncover whether their potential property is in a flood zone, despite this only taking a few clicks on the Environment Agency website. 
In Britain’s capricious weather conditions, these warnings need to be taken much more seriously. Flood damage to homes can cost thousands of pounds in repairs and can take up to a year to complete.
When considering buying a property which is located in a flood zone, buyers should contact insurance companies to find out if their premiums will be significantly higher due to potential flooding or if their home will be covered at all. They should also factor in the cost of making alterations to the home in order to safeguard it from flooding.


Greater London, South East and East Midlands top the property market

4 February 2014

Property prices rose in most regions of Great Britain in the last quarter of 2013. Data from the Move with Us Market Review showed that the average asking price in Great Britain rose by 1.26% in the last quarter of 2013 to an average of £246,781. 
This was largely supported by rises in the South and the Midlands as property prices in the North dropped. The average asking price in the East Midlands reached the highest level for five years in November, hitting £182,505. 
This rise in property prices could be attributed to the lower level of listings the market has been experiencing recently. Across Great Britain the number of new properties coming on to the market has decreased each month since May 2013, reaching the lowest number on record at 48,009 in Q4 2013. 
The word on the street is, it’s a great time to sell. The benefit of putting your property on the market now is the increase in the number of buyers searching for a new home, partly due to the government’s Help to Buy scheme. Suitable properties have become like gold dust to potential home owners and often multiple buyers are bidding on the same property. The low listing levels are contributing to the steady rise in property prices that have been seen over much of Great Britain, giving sellers an advantage. 


Speeding up the conveyancing process

17 January 2014

Beth Rudolf, Director of DC Law talks about what she has been doing with the industry to speed up the conveyancing process.


Housing transactions are expected to double in the next three years

8 November 2013

Over the next three years the UK housing market could see housing transactions double with the number of people buying and selling in the UK expected to rise. 
According to research by Hamptons international, housing transactions are likely to reach around 1.1 million per year over the next five years. This year transaction levels currently stand at 734,000.
Fionnuala Earley, Research Director at Hamptons International commented: “The fixation with house prices as an indicator of housing market recovery is misplaced. Transaction levels are a far superior indicator of housing market health. A liquid and active market is the key to avoiding volatility and to ensuring a stable and sustainable housing market in the UK”.
Government schemes such as Help to Buy and Funding for Lending are also helping to boost the market along with the economic recovery which is bringing confidence to the housing market.


30% of homes untidy for viewings

17 October 2013

30% of homes untidy for viewings
A survey from Move with Us, which surveyed the estate agents in its partner network, demonstrated that almost a third of properties are untidy when potential buyers arrive for a viewing.
The UK’s leading estate agents noted that nearly 30% of all properties are not tidy when viewers arrive to inspect property to buy. Further research from Move with Us has shown that 22% of potential home owners are actively put off by a messy or cluttered property when searching for their next home.
Robin King, Director at Move with Us comments: “It’s interesting to see that home owners are failing to carry out the most simple of tasks to help sell their home such as making sure it’s clean and tidy ahead of viewings. 
Any professional estate agent will do their utmost to help sell a property but their efforts will be immediately undone if the moment a potential buyer walks through the door, they see a property that’s a mess. Purchasing a property is one of the biggest transactions of someone’s life and potential buyers will want to think that the property has been looked after by its current owners.
Sellers should work in partnership with their estate agent, and take action to ensure their property is attractive to potential buyers. With almost a quarter of potential home owners being put off by untidy property, a little elbow grease could mean the difference between selling a property or not.”


New process speeds up property sales by up to 10 working days!

8 October 2013

Property industry to benefit from faster transactions, saving a combined total of over a million* days a year.
A new property sales process will reduce leasehold transactions by between five and 10 days and save UK consumers a combined total of over a million days each year* through a simple process initiated by Move with Us, the residential property group, in consultation with major industry bodies.
The introduction of the new process, based on a standardised questionnaire for the industry, will be launched on 10 October 2013 by all the major trade bodies, including The Law Society and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and will be available to all parties in the process.
Buyers and sellers of leasehold properties have experienced added complications and expensive delays because of differing information requirements from both the buyer’s and seller’s conveyancers meaning the landlord or managing agent has to deal with a different set of enquiries every time a leasehold property is sold. 
By creating an approved set of enquiries for leasehold properties both landlords and managing agents can introduce systems to collate the information safe in the knowledge that both the buyer’s and seller’s conveyancers will accept it saving an estimated five to 10 working days on average. Consumers will also save money as the additional requests for information will only be required where an issue is revealed which requires further investigation.
Beth de Montjoie Rudolf, Legal Director, DC Law says: “Up until now there has been uncertainty in the process. By agreeing what information will be provided, legal advisers know that they will receive all the information required and the landlords and managing agents can put systems in place to supply that information quickly and efficiently. The new form is a triumph of common sense and a wonderful example of what can be achieved when the whole industry works together.”
Jonathan Smithers, Deputy Vice President of The Law Society said: “Having a standardised format will be advantageous to sellers, buyers, solicitors and conveyancers dealing with leasehold property. It will not only bring clarity to the part of the procedure that deals with obtaining necessary leasehold information but may also clarify some issues relating to time and cost. It will also mean that everyone becomes familiar with one form, inevitably making the process more cohesive.”
Andrew Bulmer, UK Residential Director at The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) commented that: “RICS are delighted to have been part of this joint-industry success story in simplifying and speeding up the conveyancing of flats and apartments. The new standard enquiry form for essential leasehold information will help conveyancers, property managers and surveyors to deliver a swifter, more consistent and more transparent service to buyers and sellers alike.”


Landlords should act now on student buy-to-lets

20 September 2013

Move with Us, the residential property experts, has shown that landlords looking to purchase property to rent to students in the next academic year need to have an offer accepted on a property by 1 November this year in order to complete in time to benefit from the student rental rush in January* 2014.


Smoking and bad smells most off-putting factors to homebuyers

12 September 2013

A survey from Move with Us, home to the UK's largest network of independent estate agents, reveals that smoking and other bad smells are the most off-putting factors to 55% of potential home owners when viewing a property.

Over 100 independent estate agents from the Move with Us Partner Network were asked what factors were most likely to discourage viewers from purchasing a property. Smoking and other bad smells secured the top spot, viewing a home with lots of mess and clutter was second with 22% followed in third place by the neighbours with 11%.
Robin King, Director at Move with Us says: “Sellers often spend so much time thinking about what their property looks like and how it is presented that they can often forget other senses, such as smell. It’s common knowledge in the industry that the smell of pets, cigarettes and chip pans are a huge turn off to potential buyers.
There are many things that homeowners can do to combat nasty odours and make their home much more attractive to potential buyers. Smoking outside, opening the windows, cleaning the carpets and curtains, using anti smoke air fresheners, removing ash trays, rubbish and chip pans will all help. They can also put on a pot of coffee or bake bread when people come to view to give the property an extra homely feel. 
It’s also interesting to see that homeowners aren’t always carrying out the most simple of measures to help sell their home such as making sure it’s clean and tidy ahead of viewings. While any professional estate agent will do their utmost to sell a property, homeowners should also take responsibility and ensure they are doing all they can to make their property attractive to potential buyers as this could mean the difference between selling the property or not.”


Gross mortgage lending is much stronger than a year ago

30 August 2013

The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) estimates that gross mortgage lending in July increased to £16.6 billion which is 29% higher than the total in July last year of £12.9 billion. What's more, there is a significant increase from June which was at £14.8 billion. This is a climb of 12% from June to July this year. 
Caroline Purdey, Market and Data Analyst at the CML, commented: "An improvement in sentiment and activity continues to show in the UK housing and mortgage markets, with a more positive picture also starting to emerge in the economy." 
"Our forward estimate of gross mortgage lending in July reinforces a growing evidence base of a strengthening in the housing and mortgage markets."


New funding boost to help Scots on to the property ladder

19 July 2013

Housing Minister, Margret Burgess has announced a new funding boost of £62 million. This funding is being used in the Open Market Shared Equity Scheme which will benefit potential first time buyers in Scotland taking their first steps on to the property ladder. This scheme will be eligible for buyers over the next two years.


How to pack and move unique and unusual items

28 June 2013

Moving house is a difficult task at the best of times. But items such as pianos and chandeliers can be particularly difficult to move from one location to another and requires additional planning and preparation. Today, we’re going to take a look at the moving process these unusual items require.

Moving a piano

A piano can be a tricky item to pack and move, and there is no doubt it will prove to be a heavy and awkward challenge. It is vital that you have help available and experience in this area is a must to avoid disastrous damage. Here is how it’s done:

• Tools: Some heavy-duty straps for moving and holding the piano in place and a furniture dolly are needed.
• Route: Plan the route and use a tape measure to ensure a smooth process, from start to finish. This is especially the case in narrow properties, or is the piano is not on the ground floor. If you find that you can’t find a suitable route, a removals company may suggest using a window. 
• Wrap securely: Close and secure the keyboard lid to protect the keys, and wrap and tape some thick padding or blankets on the piano.
• Lift: Ensure the piano remains in an upright location to protect the inner mechanics, place the straps under the piano on each end and then lift it onto the dolly.
• Move: Fasten the piano to the dolly and take your time moving it to the truck, where it is best placed by the rear wall.
• Even surface: Use wood planks if the floor in the truck is uneven and position these along the back wall. Lift the piano using the straps and secure the piano to the truck wall.
• Moving in: Once you have enjoyed the process of reversing the above steps, remember to retune the piano.

Moving a chandelier

A chandelier can be an expensive, delicate and often heavy item – it is also a tricky item to pack and move. The below tips will help you:

• Plan ahead: Get your hands on a sturdy box that will take the weight of a chandelier, and measure it to allow room for the chandelier and foam on the top and the bottom.
• Remove from ceiling: Put something soft below the chandelier during removal (just in case) and have help during the moving process. 
• Power off: Make sure the power is turned off when you do this! Uncouple the wires and with assistance, manoeuvre the chandelier to the floor.
• Detachable areas: Remove the light bulbs, wires and any removable prisms or chains; some also have removable arms. Place these in separate boxes with newspaper or bubble wrap.
• Move it: With assistance, lift the chandelier and place it upright in the box with foam on the bottom. Put packing peanuts in the box to keep the chandelier secure and place the other piece of foam on top.
• Close and move: After the chandelier is tightly packed close the box and use tape to properly secure it (top and bottom).

Moving a pool table

Dismantling a pool table can take around an hour from start to finish, but longer if you’re not experienced. This job will need assistance from others:

• Labelling: Just a note here that it is best to label each part and keep a record of all the screws and bolts!
• Be careful: Try to keep the pool table stationary – otherwise the calibration may be affected. And, once again, securing items with proper packaging and padding is essential.
• Remove the bumpers: Remove these from all sides of the pool table to expose the slate.
• Remove the felt: This may be stapled or glued to the table, or both, so be gentle and move around the table gradually.
• Pick up the slate: Slate tables are best removed with a drill. A pool table will normally have two or three pieces of slate so assistance is needed during lifting. Use padding to protect the slate when moving location.
• Disassemble the legs: Turn the table over with the assistance of your helper(s) and remove the legs from the frame, after which removing the pockets is the next step.
• Move it: Once everything is properly packed away and secure it is time to move the pool table.

Packing and moving a piano, a chandelier or a pool table is never going to be an easy task. The best thing you can do is take your time and get some help.

London removals company Alexanders Removals and Storage, are specialists in domestic removals and are particularly experienced with large and unusual items, such as those mentioned above.


CIH urges the government to commit additional funds for new housing

14 June 2013

The Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) has urged the government to allocate additional funds to the creation of new homes when it announces its spending round for 2015/2016 later this month. 
Houseladder reports that the CIH have urged ministers to invest £2 billion a year for affordable housing and raise local authority housing borrowing caps by £7 billion. They believe the funding will support the construction of 70,000 to 80,000 new affordable homes a year. The CIH believe this should help address the shortfall in properties that the UK has been experiencing.
CIH Chief Executive Grainia Long said: "Our spending round submission shows how affordable government investment can be a solution to our housing supply problem and boost our economy."


The legal process behind buying and selling

14 June 2013

Buying or selling a house is the most significant transaction most of us will make in our life. The legal processes involved can seem confusing and impenetrable, especially as they are mainly handled by property solicitors or conveyancers. Understandably, this can be trying and stressful for the buyer and seller. Below is some information to help you get a handle on the legal side of the process. 
Initial negotiations
The buyer makes an offer to the seller’s estate agent, uaually below the advertised price. There are normally negotiations involving the price and fixtures and fittings included with the property before an agreement is reached. 
At this stage, neither party is legally committed to the sale so it is common to make a “lockout” agreement whereby the seller agrees not to negotiate with anyone else for a set period. This is to protect the buyer from “gazumping” – the unsavoury practice where the buyer goes through the costly and time-consuming preliminary stages of the purchase only to find out that the seller has sold the property to someone else behind their back.
Once their offer is accepted the buyer will have to get their mortgage agreement finalised as soon as possible. In many cases they will have already have had a mortgage application approved before making the offer. The mortgage provider will confirm the loan, subject to certain conditions such as a satisfactory survey and legal checks being made on the property.
The buyer will commission a survey on the property to avoid any nasty surprises like poor drainage, damaged roofs, bad electrical wiring and structural problems. Checks range from a compulsory mortgage valuation (the minimum requirement for most mortgage providers) to a homebuyers survey or a full building survey.
Checks on title
The buyer’s solicitor will make a number of checks to ensure there are no problems with the property including that the seller has legal title free of any mortgages or restrictions, no planning applications for local roads etc have been submitted that would affect the property, there are no rights of way on the property and it is not subject to any legal disputes. 
This is where the title (ownership) is transferred from buyer to seller. The contract for sale is signed by both parties and exchanged between their solicitors.The buyer pays the deposit at which point the sale becomes legally binding. A date will be set for completion, normally within a month of the exchange of contracts.
On the completion date, the balance of the purchase price is transferred to the seller. The buyer is now the owner of the property and receives the keys. The seller can bid a fond farewell to the property while the buyer gets ready to crack open the champagne in the comfort of their new home! The buyer’s solicitor will tie up loose ends including paying stamp duty and notifying the land registry of the new ownership.
The legal process involved in property transactions is complex and the costs of getting it wrong could be huge. Therefore, it is very strongly advisable for buyer and seller to take professional assistance from a solicitor or licensed conveyancer at all stages. 
Dominic Higgins attended the University College London, graduating in 2005 with a degree in law. Dominic currently works for Contact Law as a contributing writer. Before working for Contact Law Dominic worked as a legal adviser in the South Africa and the United Kingdom; he has particular expertise in Property and Commercial law. Visit Contact Law to learn how our property lawyers can help you today.


The legal process behind buying and selling a house

12 June 2013

Buying or selling a house is the most significant transaction most of us will make in our life. The legal processes involved can seem confusing and impenetrable, especially as they are mainly handled by property solicitors or conveyancers. Understandably, this can be trying and stressful for the buyer and seller. Below is some information to help you get a handle on the legal side of the process.


Daniels Estate Agents help neighbour in time of crisis

31 May 2013

Westlakes the commercial stationers of 440 High Road, Wembley was badly damaged in a devastating fire in November 2012. The shop was deemed uninhabitable and major repair works were essential throughout. Daniels Estate Agents suffered smoke damage, however this was quickly resolved.  Daniels had some extra desks which they offered to Westlakes so they could continue to supply their corporate clients with their orders.

The damage was so extensive that the work took six months to complete. Daniels went beyond expectations during their neighbour’s hour of need. They even offered Westlakes their marketing skills to assist in the planning and re-branding of the shop. 

Daniels were pleased to announce the official reopening of Westlakes the Stationers in Wembley, the ribbon was cut by local Councillor Paul Lorber (Brent Lib Dem leader), on Monday the 20 May 2013.

Paresh Patel has been at Westlakes for over 30 years. He said: “The store is one of Wembley High Road’s oldest, approaching its 31st anniversary in September. We are delighted to be reopening the new look shop and would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported us, and been patient through this difficult time, especially Daniels next door who gave us a home after we were left on the street. We would like to let everyone know we are back in business”.

Francis Henry, Director of Daniels, who has been at the Daniels Wembley branch himself for 20 years said: “Daniels Estate Agents are always happy to help those in need. We take our social responsibility seriously, actively supporting many local charities including  Save the Libraries Campaign. We are proud of our leading agent status in Brent”.

If you have any stories you would like to share with us please contact or call 01480 409 596.


Housing demand is on the up

24 May 2013

The government’s Help to Buy and the Funding for Lending schemes are reported to be increasing the demand for houses.
Research from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) revealed that demand has reached a three year high. This can partly be attributed to the impact the government schemes have had on the market. Their research has shown that 25% of surveyors have reported more interest in property. reported that sales are expected to carry on climbing over the coming months as enquires from first time buyers continue their upward trend.
Peter Bolton King, Global Residential Director at RICS, said: "Help to Buy in combination with the Funding for Lending scheme appears to be giving the market a shot in the arm."

The government’s Help to Buy and the Funding for Lending schemes are reported to be increasing the demand for houses.


March sees a surge in first time buyer activity

16 May 2013

The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) has reported a surge in first time buyer activity during March. Their findings revealed that it increased by 20% during March 2013. This is lower is comparison to March last year, however this is partly due to the end of the Stamp Duty holiday which concluded in March 2012 and resulted in distorted figures.   
March saw 19,100 loans advanced to buyers looking to take their first steps onto the property ladder. reports that these are collectively worth around £2.4 billion.
Paul Smee, Director General of the CML, said: "More borrowers are taking out higher loan-to-value mortgages than any other time in the last four years - a sign that lenders are open for business."


Do you have good neighbours?

5 April 2013

Churchill insurance have revealed from a new study that 88% of estate agents think that a well maintained house next door will increase the saleability and value of a property. The main culprits in reducing curb appeal are boarded up or broken windows, run down vehicles and rubbish on the front garden and drive. Even more minor features such as, unmaintained paintwork, overflowing gutters and poor DIY also has an impact.

The Warrington Guardian reported that a poorly maintained neighbouring property could reduce the value of your home by an astounding 13% on average or by around £21,000.

Martin Scott, head of Churchill home insurance said: “Whilst many householders will recognise that the condition of surrounding properties can influence curb appeal, the study shows that the upkeep of a neighbouring property could affect the sale price of a home by thousands of pounds.”


Budget brings good news to the property sector

25 March 2013

The recently announced budget should bring good news for the property market and first time buyers trying to get on the property ladder. The Chancellor, George Osborne announced the ‘Help to Buy’ initiative which should help more first time buyers enter the property market. The £3.5 billion loan will help first time buyers who are finding it difficult to obtain a mortgage. This in turn should benefit home owners further up that chain who are looking to either progress up the property ladder or downsize.

NHBC Chief Executive Mike Quinton said: "The Chancellor has today given a welcome shot in the arm for the UK's housebuilding industry. We warmly welcome the expansion of measures for people who want to buy their own homes. This will help boost the housing market and provide vital support for the construction industry.”

This is also good news for the house building sector as Mike Quinton goes on to say: "Builders up and down the country have been working hard to build high quality homes while operating in tough economic times. Housebuilding fell 9% in 2012 compared to the previous year. It is therefore great news that housing has been the centre piece of this Budget. This is a positive step for homebuilders and homeowners alike."


Buy a home in Liverpool for £1!

22 February 2013

Plans have been put forward by Liverpool Council to bring 179 empty homes back in to use in by selling some to local people for £1.

It is likely the notion will be agreed by Liverpool Council today, Friday 22 February. Up to 20 properties could be sold to local people to refurbish and inhabit as reported on

Residents would be required to ensure the homes are reasonably cared for, warm, weatherproof and contain some mod cons. They would also be expected to live in the property for at least five years and would not be permitted to not sub-let it within that time.

Other properties will refurbished and sold for 25% less than their market value and other small groups of properties could be sold to private landlords.

Cabinet Member for Housing at Liverpool Council, Ann O’Byrne commented on that: “We want to find innovative ways of bringing properties back into use and attracting people back into our neighbourhoods – whether that’s through offering homes for £1, or working with registered providers to refurbish homes and selling them at discounted prices.”

“Ultimately, it’s about driving forward housing renewal, investing in the future of our communities and doing everything we can to provide good quality, affordable housing for the people who need it most.”


Property prices to top 2007 high?

23 January 2013

Economists at the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) have tipped UK property prices to surpass the 2007 high by 2014. Their predictions are founded on signs of improvement in the market.


Tweet for tea!

13 December 2012


Charity update

5 November 2012


Would you move around the corner from your parents?

20 September 2012

New data from Aviva, the insurance company has revealed that 38% of people stay within five miles of their parents’ home when they move out. A further 10% moved less than a mile from home and 3% even moved to the next street as reported on


Realistic asking prices can sell houses

13 September 2012

Property owners can increase the likelihood of successfully selling their home if they set a realistic asking price.


How can you increase your property’s value by 23%?

11 September 2012

New research from Nationwide has revealed that adding an extension or loft conversion to a property can increase its value by almost a quarter.


Aldemore becomes the latest lender to sign up to NewBuy

4 September 2012

Aldemore is the latest lender to participate in the government’s NewBuy scheme that allows buyers to purchase new build property with only a 5% deposit.


Mortgage affordability improves considerably

28 August 2012

Recent statistics from Halifax have unveiled that mortgages for new borrowers are the most affordable they have been in 15 years.


Property prices around football stadiums soar

21 August 2012

New research from Halifax has shown that properties surrounding the top Premier league football stadiums have doubled in price over the last decade.


Buy-to-let lending is on the up

3 August 2012

Recent data from the Council for Mortgage Lenders (CML) have shown that lending for the buy-to-let sector increased by 5% in Q2 of 2012.


Almost half of property owners plan DIY

30 July 2012

The latest research carried out by Nationwide has displayed that 47% of property owners plan to carry out home improvements within a year and a further 8% are planning to move.


Home ownership boosts happiness

27 July 2012

The UK’s first well being survey has revealed that owning your own home makes you more happy when compared with living in other tenures.


50% of towns affordable to first-time buyers

19 July 2012

The amount of places in the UK that first-time buyers can afford has risen to the highest level for over 10 years.


£10.6 billion worth of mortgages agreed by HSBC

6 July 2012

HSBC approved £10.6 billion worth of mortgages between January and June 2012. This shows a 16% increase when compared with the last time last year. Encouragingly, £2.7 bn of this figure was granted to first-time buyers.


Homeless opera hits London

4 July 2012

300 previously homeless people performed on stage at the Royal Opera House as part of a festival celebrating the Olympics.


Marks and Spencer set to supply in store finance

11 June 2012

Marks and Spencer is about to change the finance industry by offering its customers bank accounts and mortgages in store.


Top 10 hotspots for student property

9 May 2012

Student accommodation can be a lucrative business and the number of foreign students set to arrive in the UK is second only to Australia.


Property asking prices reach new levels

16 April 2012

Find a property
The average asking price for a property in Britain has reached a record high.


Alicia Keys puts her New York property on the market at £17.95 million

21 March 2012

Property in New York
Alicia Keys and her husband Swizz Beatz bought the home two years ago for $12.5 million.


Buy property with your old pension

14 March 2012

Buy property with your pension

Move with Us has partnered with Future Assets to help the public boost their retirement fund through a unique method of investing in property. Under the new scheme, the public can now buy property using pension schemes they have paid into.

Move with Us research has shown that the majority of people with pensions worth less than £150,000 do not believe them to be of much use in helping them to achieve the retirement they desire.

Move with Us and the property investment team at Future Assets have devised a scheme to combat this by helping people invest their pensions in property. People can now use their pensions for a property* deposit when combining the pension with a mortgage arranged by their investment team.

Anthony Radford, Director at Move with Us has noted that: “Deposits for investment properties start at approximately £30,000 so this opportunity is open to many people looking to invest in property and make the most of their pension.”

“It will give people the chance to grow their pension funds enabling them to live a comfortable retirement from an amount of money that may have proved largely ineffective in assisting life after retirement.”

*UK residential property excluded


Executor services has been revamped

7 March 2012

Executor Services has been re-designed

We have redesigned our partner site to provide our customers with clear advice and information on the support available to Executors.

The new look website presents comprehensive advice on the role of an Executor and the obligations they have towards beneficiaries in managing an estate.
Russell Cade, Director at Move with Us commented that: “Executors often have a lot of tasks to complete during a very difficult time. Our refreshed website will provide them with expert advice on the sale of probate property in addition to information on the whole probate process.

“We have invested heavily in Google marketing to ensure we continue to generate online visitors and enquiries.

“The updated website and our investment in online marketing aim to make us the UK’s most trusted and recognised property solution provider for our clients and customers alike.”


Shark tank

5 March 2012

Property for sale with its own shark tank!
A property is available to rent in Nottingham via Rightmove for £3,260 pcm.


The 500,000 GBP view

29 February 2012

Turner's Lune Valley increased the value of a property by £500,000.
Artist J.M.W. Turner painted Lune Valley depicting a view of the Cumbrian landscape. Painted from the ground of St Mary’s church in 1816, Victorian critic Ruskin described it as ‘One of the loveliest scenes in England – and therefore the world’.


Christina Aguilera puts her $13.5 million mansion on the market

24 February 2012

Some rooms in Christina Aguilera's property have a moulin rouge feel.
Christina Aguilera has released pictures of her luxury Beverly Hills mansion to ensure maximum exposure.


Daryl Hannah’s eco home

15 February 2012

One of Daryl Hannah's properties is made from timber and corrugated iron.

Daryl Hannah’s eco home is up for sale for $5 million. Daryl purchased the property for just $1.325 million in 2000.


Steven Tyler's property bargain

13 February 2012

The property looks over the ocean on the edge of a nature reserve.
Steven Tyler has purchased an idyllic property on Hawaii for $2 million under the asking price.


Over half of the UK would rather live in a house, a very big house in the country...

22 December 2011

Of those surveyed 57% said their ideal home would be a detached property with a large garden, close to country walks with a pretty view.


What is.... probate?

19 December 2011

Probate was one of the top 10 ‘what is...’ searches for 2011 according to Google research.


Hilary Swank's Manhattan apartment

2 December 2011

Hilary Swank’s home away from home is her luxury Manhattan apartment.


Take a peek inside Bruce Willis’s home

25 November 2011

Bruce Willis has put his Idaho chalet on market at $15 million.


Noel Edmonds loses property battle

4 November 2011

Noel Edmonds has lost a high court struggle over a mansion renovation


The hotel made entirely from salt

2 November 2011

The Hotel de Sal is a Bolivian beauty situated on the infamous salt flats of South America.


The real life Hobbit house

23 September 2011

Simon Dale has built a life-sized hobbit house in the middle of a Welsh hillside.


Brad Pitt & Angelina relocate to Scotland!

25 August 2011

Brad Pitt and Angelina have moved to Scotland, renting out a 16th Century mansion.


UK house prices show resilience

18 August 2011

UK house prices rose in June by 0.6%, on average. Many areas of the UK reported this rise, according to the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).


Premier house prices near stadiums

15 August 2011

The football season is back with a bang, and the effect of the Premier League on house prices is clearer than ever. Properties close to stadiums have seen their prices shoot up to more than £220,000, on average.


What makes a property hotspot?

12 August 2011

We’re all on the lookout for the next property hotspots, areas where house prices will inevitably rise due to regeneration or improvements. With the recession still affecting many, what are the main factors that cause these revitalised property hotspots?


Majority of first-time buyers require large deposits

10 August 2011

First-time buyers face an increasingly challenge to get onto the property market, due to a combination of high living costs and increasingly large deposits required.


Our blog is back!

5 August 2011

Our blog is back with a bang! Click here to read the latest news, reviews and opinion about the UK property market.


Bill Murray’s old mansion is up for sale for a staggering $2, 795 million

2 August 2011

Bill Murray’s ex-home is up for sale in the state of New York. The Palisades boasts five bedrooms, an equal number of bathrooms and a fantastic garden. The main attraction however, isn’t the size and calibre of this luxury home but the metal pole running through its centre. The iconic fireman’s pole featured in the 1984 comedy Ghostbusters was installed by Murray as a piece of kitsch nostalgia. 


40% of movers looking to upsize

29 July 2011

In our most recent research we have found that 40% of the movers that we speak to are looking to sell because they are upsizing. This is particularly encouraging as it indicates that people are not only able to move in the current climate, but can afford to upgrade to a bigger property.


Is Oxford the UK's most expensive area?

25 July 2011

The most expensive location in the UK is Oxford, according to a survey of over 30,000 residents nationwide.


More mortgages on the market

19 July 2011

The amount of mortgage products in the UK market has grown to its highest level since November 2008.


Would you live with Cheryl Cole?

15 July 2011

Although she's spent her time in America recently trying to make it on their version of the X Factor, Cheryl Cole has still topped a recent survey to find the ideal celebrity housemate.


Tips for selling your house this Summer

12 July 2011

The Summer sunshine is fast approaching and, for many of you, this means more hours of daylight in which to sell your house in. Although the attractive lighting and gardens will make your property more appealing, there are also a number of other tips for selling your house this Summer.


Having trouble selling?

24 June 2011

Whilst selling your house can be a very exciting time, in some cases it can be a challenging process - particularly if you find that your property is not receiving the viewings and offers you had anticipated. We estimate that there are currently tens of thousands of properties that are currently on the market longer than they should be. So what can you do if you have trouble selling?


Making an offer on a house

21 June 2011

Making an offer on a house can be one of the most exciting things you can do in life, as you sit and wait to hear whether your offer will be accepted - and whether you are set to spend that much money! It can also be a time of tense negotiation, and you want to be prepared as possible if you wish to try and bring the price down to meet your budget.


Does your neighbour annoy you?

16 June 2011

A survey commissioned by Which? has shown that almost 5million UK homeowners are currently annoyed by their neighbour, with double this amount having a problem with their neighbour at least once over the past year.


New property search launched

13 June 2011

Find out which properties are within your budget using our brand new property search. Quickly enter your current budget and we’ll do the rest, showing you which properties you can afford in and around your chosen area.


Property valuations targeted in inheritance tax enquiry

10 June 2011

HM Revenue & Customs have investigated 9,500 inheritance tax valuations in the past year, raising an additional £70mill by challenging probate property valuations. Inheritance tax is payable if the assets of an estate total more than £325,000. In many cases, the deceased's property is by far the major asset in an estate.


Earn money by recommending a friend

8 June 2011

Recommend a friend to use the Move with Us sales services and we'll give you £50 worth of M&S vouchers when they legally complete.


The UK’s most expensive home outside of London

6 June 2011

Got a spare £75million? If so, the most expensive UK house outside of London has been put up for sale for that tidy sum.


UK's most expensive street revealed

1 June 2011

The most expensive street in the United Kingdom has been revealed as Kensington Palace Gardens in central London. On this road the average property sells for an incredible £19.2m!


Top tips for buy to let properties

25 May 2011

If you are considering buying a home in order to let it then there are a lot more issues to consider than just the purchase and finding a tenant. Take a look at the list of things to think about to make sure that your investment pays the right returns:


Top 20 UK property hotspots

23 May 2011

Recent figures* have revealed the top 20 locations in the UK for buying and selling property. Looking particularly at the time spent by houses on the market the results, which reviewed over 800,000 properties, found that the top 20 best property locations are:


Looking to live Home Alone?

18 May 2011

The house made famous in the original Home Alone film has been put on the market, for a cool $2.4million. The property, which shared the screen with child actor Macaulay Culkin, is a 1920’s mansion on Chicago’s North Shore.


Facebook founder becomes first time buyer

17 May 2011

Great news for first time buyers, as one of their fellow strugglers has managed to get onto the property ladder. Granted, he may be the world's youngest billionaire but Mark Zuckerberg has finally shelled out the money to move into his first purchased home.


Best place to live in the countryside?

11 May 2011

South Cambridgeshire has recently been voted the 'best place to live in the countryside'. Following a Halifx survey on the best rural locations to live in the UK, the East Anglian area edged just ahead of east Hertfordshire and Uttlesford, in north-west Essex.


Get a five minute mortgage check

9 May 2011

We've teamed up, the UK's leading web based mortgage company to help find you the right mortgage. Even if you already have one in place, our five minute mortgage check could save you over £100 a month!


Meet our online estimate tool

5 May 2011

We've given our online house estimate tool a facelift, making it easier for you to find out an approximate figure for your home.


Our unique guide to moving home

4 May 2011

We recognise that moving house may seem like a bit of a daunting task, even to the most experienced home mover. That's why we have put together our unique guide to moving house. Broken down into six easy to follow steps, this guide is here to help you make your home move a successful and enjoyable one.


What’s in a house name?

26 April 2011

A new survey has reported that one in 14 people would be prepared to pay more for a house if it had a name, rather than just a number.


The richest towns in Britain

21 April 2011

A recent list of the most expensive towns in Britain* will be of interest to aspirational home buyers, who are ignoring the recession and moving to the most sought after and affluent destinations in the country.

Here’s a list of the top five most expensive towns in Britain:

5. Lyndhurst, Hampshire

Average price: £515,803
Sales over £500,000: 32%

The largest village within the New Forest, Lyndhurst is a popular tourist town with a host of independent shops, art galleries, restaurants, pubs and hotels. The city of Southampton is just nine miles away, for those who wish to venture into urban surroundings from time to time. The area is a favourite amongst media types, who are drawn towards the charming and gentle atmosphere.

Interested in living in Lyndhurst? Take a look at one of several properties we have in the area.


Steady March for UK housing market

14 April 2011

The latest figures from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has shown that the UK housing market remained flat for March.


Top tips on saving to buy a house

11 April 2011

Saving money to buy a house is no easy task. With mortgage lending continuing to be in short supply, home buyers are having to look at more extreme and inventive ways to save the necessary funds to be able to purchase.


Move with Us launch surveys service

4 April 2011

Move with Us have recently launched a survey service, making sure that the home movers they work with protect their purchases against any future surprises.


Selling your house? It’s time to declutter!

31 March 2011

Now that you’ve decided to sell it’s time to think about the best way to present your house to potential buyers. A minimalist, uncluttered property is much more likely to sell than one that is full of your belongings, knick-knacks and trinkets. The buyer wants to envisage themselves living in the property, not see a snapshot of your busy life.


Your moving day checklist

29 March 2011

Moving day is just around the corner and the excitement is building. But have you told everyone about your change of address? Is your post redirected? Does your gas supplier know? The list of things to do should not be ignored, as the last thing you want to do is move into your new home unprepared.


Budget announcement good news for landlords

24 March 2011

Landlords received good news recently as the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne announced that the stamp duty rates for multiple properties were changing.


Budget expected to help first time buyers

23 March 2011

The British Chancellor George Osborne is expected to use today's budget announcement to help thousands of first time buyers get on to the first rung of the property ladder.


First time buyers helped by incentives

22 March 2011

As the mortgage market continues its period of restricted lending first time buyers are looking towards alternative methods to help them find their first home. This type of home mover is increasingly looking towards properties with incentives to help them get on the first rung of the property ladder.


First-time buyers to get help from councils

17 March 2011

In a new scheme councils within designated areas will provide security for home loans. It is aimed at first-time buyers who are currently unable to find a deposit, but who are able to pay mortgage payments on a typical 95% mortgage. 


Fix odd jobs around your home

15 March 2011

We have teamed up with HomeServe to help home movers when they move into their new property.


Got a property problem? Online chat is here to help

10 March 2011

Every day we hear from people with questions about their property, and potential home move. To make sure that we can help and answer all of the enquiries we face we have launched an online chat system.


Free and impartial property advice

9 March 2011

Looking for free and impartial property advice? There are over 300 property professionals here at Move with Us with a wealth of experience between them.


Move with Us is hiring!

7 March 2011

Are you enthusiastic, friendly and hard working? If so, we’ve got the job for you. Due to the nature of our business we have a wide variety of roles, from competitive sales positions to managerial vacancies. To find out what’s available send us your CV today!


Independent estate agents lead the way

3 March 2011

As the housing market continues its recovery independent estate agents are being praised for their high levels of customer service and ability to sell houses.


House prices rise slightly in January

1 March 2011

The latest house price index produced by Nationwide has shown that the average home value rose by 0.3 in February, as the market continued its steady recovery.


The most expensive street in England and Wales

28 February 2011

Wondering 'what is my house worth'? The most expensive road in England and Wales has recently been announced, with the accolade going to Victoria Road in Kensington.


New online chat launched

24 February 2011

We have recently launched our online chat tool, which can be found via the contact page. Two property experts and ready and waiting to answer your query, drawing on the experience of over 300 property professionals within our office.


Free, independent advice to all home movers

22 February 2011

Looking for advice about moving home? Need to speak to someone about buying or selling property?


Nearly a third of UK homeowners looking to move in 2011

17 February 2011

According to recent research* almost a third of people in the UK intend to move home during 2011. This is in stark contrast to 2008, where just 9% of those surveyed planned to move home.


How much mortgage can I afford?

15 February 2011

With sustained inflation driving the UK economy in recent months more and more people are starting to wonder; "how much mortgage can I afford?"


The benefits of independent estate agents

10 February 2011

Estate agents have been in the spotlight in recent days, following a Channel 4 documentary scrutinising the industry. At Move with Us we work with over a thousand estate agency offices throughout the country, each selected for their ability and high levels of customer service.


How to prepare for a viewing

8 February 2011

Are you thinking, ‘I want to sell my house’? If you are, then you’ve come to the right place as we take a look at the ways in which you can prepare your home for a viewing.


The best way to value a house

3 February 2011

"I need to value my house!"


Reviewing your sales strategy: part three

1 February 2011

Part three of our home selling series focuses on the importance of building a good relationship with your estate agent. They will be responsible for selling your home, one of your most important assets, and you should be as open as possible about your wishes and needs for the move.


Switch to a Move with Us agent

26 January 2011

Switching to a Move with Us estate agent can make the difference when selling your home.


Reviewing your sales strategy: part two

25 January 2011

Hopefully you enjoyed the first part of our home selling strategy. In this section of the guide we will take a look at the importance of motivation and making the most of your bargaining power.


Reviewing your sales strategy: part one

20 January 2011

We want to help you sell your home. And to help you we have put together a four part series on tips you can use to sell your home in the current market. Welcome to the first in this series!


The importance of finding the right estate agent

17 January 2011

What are the most important factors that come into play when picking an estate agent? Sellers should consider a number of things, such as the accuracy of their valuation, their reputation in the local area and their ability to sell homes.


Get social with Move with Us

12 January 2011

Move with Us are social! We want to give you every opportunity to stay in touch with us and the latest property news and opportunities - and our Facebook and Twitter accounts do exactly this. We update regularly to keep you up to date with Move with Us and our latest news.


The best ways to add value to your home

10 January 2011

Selling your home? Adding an extra bedroom adds nearly £15,000 to your home!

If you are looking to sell your home quickly, then you want to achieve the best price possible. In the current market it is important to make your home stand out from the crowd, and we have researched into the home improvements that buyers look for. We have also looked at how much you could potentially earn through selling your home with added improvements.


New year, new valuation

4 January 2011

The New Year is upon us and this time of year traditionally sees an influx of buyers and sellers back to the UK property market. With house sales realistically taking three to four months to complete, now is the best time to be listing your house if you wish to move before the Summer.


Merry Christmas from Move with Us

24 December 2010

The Move with Us team wish you all a very merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year! We are taking a short break for the next few days but will be back on shortened hours next week, before returning fully on 4 January. Have a great festive holiday and we look forward to helping you move home in 2011.


Move with Us launch online house estimate tool

22 December 2010

Move with Us have launched a new online tool, allowing homeowners the chance to find out an online estimate for their home. The tool is free of charge to use and pulls information from a variety of sources, including recent local property sales.


Tops tips for preparing for a viewing

16 December 2010

Once the viewings are arranged, you have a fantastic opportunity to achieve the sale you want. With the potential buyers walking through your doors you become the best salesperson, as you know your home better than anyone.


The benefits of an online valuation

14 December 2010

In a recent survey conducted by Move with Us 80% of home movers preferred to receive an online valuation at the start of the process.


About to move house?

9 December 2010

You’ll need a reputable removal company to help

We are here to help you with your move. We have partnered with Abels to offer you a comprehensive removal service for when you move home. Based throughout the UK, they are perfectly placed to ensure that your household goods get to their new home.


Just moved in?

6 December 2010

Get your complete entertainment package for your new home

We have partnered with Virgin Media to offer you an exclusive home entertainment package for when you move into your new home.

Choose from various packages to suit your needs or go for the complete offer that includes your phone, broadband connection and TV.*


Prepare your home for Winter

2 December 2010

As the cold snap continues to engulf much of England we have taken a look at the ways in which you can prepare your house for Winter. There are a number of home improvements and useful tips which you can use to conserve your heat. Take a look at the following tips to find out how to prepare your home for Winter:


Value your home to prepare for 2011

26 November 2010

The best way to prepare for the New Year is to get your house valued and on the market now. Property sales traditionally rise between January and March each year, as more properties return to the market. Land registry data shows that house sales increased by 15,347 from January to March in 2010. 35,695 homes were sold in January, with 51,042 sold in March, as more homes went up for sale and buyers returned to the market after Christmas.


Best times to sell property

19 November 2010

 The UK  property market is extremely susceptible to change, with the seasons of the year often playing a major part in dictating the best times to sell a house. Ideally, you want to be selling your house when the most amount of buyers are on the market, and the different seasons bring varying amounts of buyers. More buyers mean more bids, higher sale prices and quicker timescales – always a plus for any potential seller.


Top tips on being a hot buyer

17 November 2010

There is being just another buyer, and then there is being a hot buyer. It’s safe to say that the latter is the one you should strive to be – as it puts you in the best place to buy your new home.


Investors given helping hand by property incentives

12 November 2010

Increasing numbers of investors are looking at certain UK hot spots for their property opportunity, spurred on by a growing number of potential tenants. With mortgage lending still strict more and more home buyers are looking at renting their next property. Investors are keen to add houses in desirable locations to their portfolios to meet this rising demand.


A helping hand for first time buyers

12 November 2010

Mortgage lending remains restricted, which is particularly affecting any first time buyers looking to move onto the property ladder. The prospect of saving a high deposit has caused this type of home buyer to search the market extensively for the right property at an affordable price.


University towns welcome new buyers

8 November 2010

With the academic year in full flow  more and more home buyers are looking to major university cities for their next purchase. Attracted by assured tenancy and good yields investors have indentified these locations as ‘golden areas’, with returns as much as 10% per annum.


Halifax index shows a 1.8% increase in month-on-month house prices

5 November 2010

According to the Halifax house price index, October saw a 1.8% increase in month-on-month house prices bringing the average house price to £164,919.


Top tips for selling your home

4 November 2010

Selling your home can be a tricky process. One that involves a lot of time, work and consideration. To make your life easier we have a few useful tips to help you along your way...


A problem shared

2 November 2010

Robin King, Move with Us director, discusses the benefits of impartial property advice


Energy-efficient homes favoured by tenants

27 October 2010

An expert has suggested that tenants are increasingly choosing energy-efficient properties that are cheaper to heat, due to the rising cost of gas and electricity.


Accurate valuations vital to quick sales

21 October 2010

Property specialists Move with Us are advising home movers that in order to achieve a quick sale, the initial valuation must be accurate.


Unexpected house price rise during October

19 October 2010

According to recent figures* the average property price in October rose to £236,849. This is a rise of more than £7,000, from the £229,767 figure seen in September. The 3.1% rise is the highest seen October rise since 2003 - and follows house price falls in each of the three previous months.


14 October – The last ‘selling’ day before Christmas

13 October 2010

Property specialists Move with Us have announced that, to stand a chance of selling before Christmas, to list your house on market by 14 October.
After analysing the sales of over 4,200 corporate properties during 2010 Move with Us have calculated that the average days to sell in the current market stands at 72. With Christmas quickly approaching home movers would need to list their house by 14 October to stand any chance of moving before the festive period.


Buyers urged to check properties for subsidence

7 October 2010

UK property buyers are being urged to check for subsidence when viewing potential homes. Homebuyers should find out from the Land Registry whether property in the local area has been, or could potentially be, affected by subsidence.


Ilford leads way with 85% rise in property sales

5 October 2010

In the first six months of 2010 Ilford was the leading town for home sales, with an 85% increase in the number of properties sold.


UK homeowners reduce mortgages by £6.2billion

1 October 2010

Between April and June homeowners reduced their home loans by £6.2billion. Due to restricted equity and stricter lending criteria homeowners are choosing to pay off their existing mortgage, with concerns about job cuts leading to greater control over spending.


House price increases defy expectation

29 September 2010

The Land Registry have reported that house prices in August rose by 0.3%, indicating that the market is in better shape that many have predicted.


Increasing number of households turn to lodgers

27 September 2010

Over 210,000 UK households have turned to taking in lodgers to help cope with the financial strain of buying/owning a house. A report, by insurance firm LV= has shown that over the last three years the number of lodgers has risen by 15% - to numbers not seen since the 1960s.


Parents look to get their children onto the property ladder

23 September 2010

A recent study by the National Housing Federation (NHF) has shown that a third of middle-class parents are hoping house prices will fall, so that they can help their children to buy their first home.


House builders looking to build more sustainable homes

21 September 2010

The benefits of sustainable homes are increasingly coming under the media spotlight. Developers and home builders are reacting to this, as they look to construct more environmentally-friendly properties.


Primary school catchment areas boost property prices

15 September 2010

Nationwide building society has released a survey that states parents are prepared to pay an extra £8.7670 on a new home, in order to fall within the catchment area of their best primary school in the region.


Welcome to the new Move with Us brand!

13 September 2010

We are excited to introduce you to our fresh new brand. It incorporates our values for the company and reaffirms our mission statement: “Through our commitment and continuous innovation, exceptional service and outstanding value we do property, properly.”


UK house prices rise for second consecutive month

8 September 2010

Recent figures released by the Halifax have shown that house prices in the UK rose for the second consecutive month in August, driven by a strengthening economy and increased demand.


Mortgage availability on the rise

6 September 2010

Lenders are making mortgages more accessible, with the cost of many currently falling, according to recent figures. The data*, collected during September, has indicated that the number of home loans available with a 20% deposit has increased, but availability has dropped for those offering 40%.


House prices up slightly, according to the Land Registry

3 September 2010

Despite several forecasts and analysts claiming of falls in house prices the Land Registry has recently released figures contrasting this.


First time buyers receive increased mortgage lending

31 August 2010

Conditions in the UK housing market are improving for first time buyers, with mortgage lending more and more accessible for these home buyers.


People unaware of the home moving process

9 August 2010

A new survey states that the majority of people are puzzled by the procedures involved with property exchange. Whether it’s buying or selling a house, it is reported that the public have trouble understanding key aspects of moving home.


Surveyors claim that House Prices are falling

5 August 2010

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics) is reporting that house prices are beginning to fall for the first time since July 2009.


Prices of prime property in central London finally dip

4 August 2010

The latest real estate index reveals that prime London property prices have finally started falling back after a 15 month surge.


Increasing number of mortgage packages reach UK market

2 August 2010

A survey by states that 90% of mortgage products are currently available direct from lenders, rather than mortgage brokers.


House prices return to figures last seen in 2006

28 July 2010

The value of property in England and Wales has returned to levels last seen in the summer of 2006, according to figures released by the Land Registry. House prices rose by 0.1% in June, taking the average cost up to £166,072.


Rental property facing supply and demand battle

27 July 2010

The Association of Residential Lettings Agents (ARLA) has announced that 70% of their members have reported more tenants than available properties in the second quarter of 2010.


The Olympics cause London house prices to race

26 July 2010

New research has shown that the average property prices in the fourteen postal districts situated near the Olympic Park have risen by 26%. Lloyds TSB have carried out a study that measured house price performances in the East London area since the announcement in 2005 that London will host the 2012 Olympics.


Get an accurate value for your home before you sell

23 July 2010

When thinking of selling your home, a comprehensive market evaluation will keep you ahead of the class


Mortgage lending rose by 15% in June

21 July 2010

Recent figures by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) have shown that mortgage lending rose 15% in June, which represents a six-month high.


Public to save £900m thanks to HIPs suspension

19 July 2010

Eric Pickles, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, has recently announced that the removal of Home Information Packs (HIPs) could save the general public up to £900million over the next decade.


UK property prices still on the rise, according to Government figures

14 July 2010

UK residential property values are still increase, according to the department of Communities and Local Government. The report shows that the market, although slowing slightly, is in a better condition than other sources have stated.


Mortgage lenders encouraged to lend responsibly

12 July 2010

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) intends to encourage responsible lending in the future, in an attempt to deter reckless borrowing from home owners.


New home decision takes just 21 minutes

7 July 2010

With a reduced supply of property currently seen in the UK property market buyers are taking, on average, just 21 minutes to decide on whether to buy a new home or not.


Mortgage lending experienced a spring rise

6 July 2010

During Spring mortgage lending reached its highest level so far this year, with 36,709 loans approved in March.


A home on a ‘hill’ has highest average price in the UK

5 July 2010

A study into the average price of Britain’s 858,000 residential streets has found that home addresses with ‘hill’ in their first line are worth almost £125,000 more than a typical house anywhere else in the UK.


Average cost of running a property has fallen in the UK

30 June 2010

The cost of owning and running a UK home has fallen by 6% over the past two years, according to recent research. The figures, released by Halifax, attribute this to cheaper mortgage packages coming back onto the market.


0.1% house price rise in June

29 June 2010

The value of UK residential property rose in June, but only by 0.1%, according to the building society Nationwide. This slight increase comes following a 0.5% rise in May, with the average home now costing over £170,000.


Clean your house to make it sell, advise property group

24 June 2010

The best way to improve the chances of selling a home are to give it a good clean, a survey indicated.


Capital gains tax rise less than originally feared

23 June 2010

The buy-to-let market received positive news yesterday during the Government’s emergency budget, as the capital gains tax (CGT) increase was not as severe as previously predicted.


Mortgage lending rising, according to CML

22 June 2010

The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) has recently announced that gross mortgage lending rose 7% in May, when compared with April. The figures released by the CML show that an estimated £11.3billion worth of home loans were approved during May, which is an increased from the £10.5billion figure in April and the £10.2billion lent the same time last year.


Large deposits now needed for property purchases

17 June 2010

A figure from the mortgage industry has recently claimed that now is the perfect time to buy a property, but only if a large deposit is available to the buyer.


Google announce UK property search

16 June 2010

Search engine giants Google have announced the launch of their own property search, allowing customers the ability to locate listed housing in their desired area.


Number of UK homes for sale rising

14 June 2010

The number of homes listed for sale in the UK has sharply risen in recent weeks, according to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICs).


Mortgage products now total over 3,000

11 June 2010

The number of available mortgage products in the UK housing market has passed the 3,000 mark, according to


House prices rise in May

7 June 2010

The latest report released by the Nationwide Building Society has shown that there was a 0.5% increase in house price in May, when compared with April.


Home Information Packs suspended

20 May 2010

The new coalition government has suspended the use of Home Information Packs (HIPs).


House prices rise slightly in May

17 May 2010

According to a recent study* asking prices rose, albeit slightly, in May by 0.7%, compared with 2.6% growth the previous month. The annual growth in asking price for residential property in England and Wales has decreased from 6% to 4.3% for May.


Spring resurgence for housing market

14 May 2010

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics) has reported that the UK housing market has experienced its traditional boost in activity in Spring.


Call for first-time buyers to sit mortgage exam

5 May 2010

Malcolm Hurlston, the chairman of the debt charity Consumer Credit Counselling Service, has called for first-time buyers to study and sit an exam ahead of receiving a mortgage approval.


House price inflation at highest since 2007

4 May 2010

The latest figures from the Nationwide have indicated that the annual rate of house price inflation in the UK had risen by 10.5% by the end of April, the highest levels seen since June 2007.


UK property price growth affected by general election

30 April 2010

The approaching general election is causing some home buyers and sellers to delay their property decisions, causing a slowing of growth in the UK housing market.


House sales pick up in Spring

28 April 2010

House sales in the UK rose by 13,000 in March from February to 72,000, with the 22% increase indicating that property purchases are continuing their recovery after a post-Christmas dip.


Political parties not targeting housing affordability

26 April 2010

None of the leading political parties are focusing on housing affordability in their manifestos, according to Lucy Alexander, writing in the Times.


24% rise in mortgage lending for March

23 April 2010

The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) has warned that the housing market still remains “quiet and subdued”, despite reporting a rise of 24% in mortgage lending for March.


Housing market benefits from Spring movers

21 April 2010

With the arrival of Spring has come a burst of life into the housing market, according to the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA).


Country property prices in UK up to 9.1% higher than April 2009

19 April 2010

UK property prices experienced a 2% rise in the first quarter of 2010, which is 4.3% higher than they were this time last year.


12% rise in mortgage lending in February

16 April 2010

35,000 house purchase loans, worth a combined £5billion, were taken out in February this year according to the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML). This is a 12% rise when compared with January and this indicates a continued recovery in the mortgage market during a dip at the start of 2010.


Tories urged to reconsider the removal of HIPs

12 April 2010

The Association of Home Information Pack Providers (AHIPP) are urging the Conservatives to reconsider their intention to remove Home Information Packs (HIPs) from the UK housing market, should the Tories get in power following the upcoming general election.


Upsizing is main motivation for UK home movers

9 April 2010

New research by the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) has shown that the desire to purchase a larger property is the now main motivation for choosing to sell property in the UK.


Home owners see rise in equity during 2009

7 April 2010

The stake invested in properties by UK home owners increased by £22.3bn over the last year, according to recent figures released by the Bank of England.


Tenant demand still strong in the rental market

6 April 2010

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has announced that tenant demand has remained strong in recent months, with 16% of surveyors reporting a rise, rather than a fall, in demand for property in the UK.


Teenagers remain optimistic about property future

31 March 2010

Research carried out by Natwest has shown that teenagers expect to own their own home by time they reach their mid-20s and to earn more than £50,000 by their mid-30s.


UK house prices rise in March

30 March 2010

House prices across the UK saw a 0.7% rise in March, with the average property now valued at £164,519.


Cameron and Clegg pact positive for the property market

With David Cameron settling into his new home at number 10, the prospect of a Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition is positive news for the housing industry, according to flat-share website


Residential land increase in value

The value of residential development land in England has experienced a strong increase in recent months, indicating a further recovery for the UK property market.


Move with Us partner agents sell properties faster!

We recently discovered (to our delight!) that the estate agents in the Move with Us Partner Network sell properties faster than large, commercial agents and 23 days faster than the general market!* Move with Us’ research also showed that the estate agents in the Move with Us Partner Network corner most of the business in the
They compared the average market share to those of commercial agents and found that Move with Us agents held on average 11.8%* of the local market share compared to the 8.8%* held by large, commercial agents.
Simon King, Director at Move with Us, commented that: There’s no doubt in our minds that independent estate agents provide the best customer service around. They have often lived locally for many years giving them outstanding local knowledge; it is often their name on the door and their reputation on the line so they naturally provide high levels of customer service. They know that top quality service will mean customers return time and time again and that recommendations to family and friends will bring even more business in the future.”
*Data sourced from Move with Us and based on agents current portfolios and time on market in the last six months of 2012.

Move with Us agents


Benefits of purchasing chain free property

What are the benefits of purchasing a chain free property?
The uncertainty of property chains is eliminated as the buyer is purchasing directly from a business or a customer that has no dependent onward purchase. You can imagine that in 
a property chain with say, nine houses, the chances of them all going through with no hiccups is minimal when compared with a chain free sale. Your home move is much safer, 
faster and much more likely to succeed full stop with no forward chain. What’s more, purchasing a property from a business comes with extra benefits as these businesses often 
come with fantastic additional incentives to make owning your own home much easier.
What’s so great about a property having no forward chain?
There are heaps of benefits to purchasing properties with no forward chain, firstly however, it’s important to explain what no chain property actually are. They are simply 
property sales with no onward purchase. This could be customers that are going into rental, or emigrating, landlords selling their investments, home builders selling part 
exchange properties, or even repossession properties sold by banks.
Where do they come from?
Good question! Chain free properties come from two sources: see above around consumers with no onward puchases property developers and lending institutions.
When a buyer purchases a new home from a developer, their existing property is often used as part-payment through a part exchange scheme, leaving the developer with the buyer’s 
old property after the transaction has been completed. Building Societies and other mortgage lenders acquire property through repossession, prepossession and probate 
transactions. To find out more about purchasing chain free properties, please contact us on XXX.



National Parks increase property prices

Research from Lloyds  has shown that properties in National Parks have a premium of around 58% compared to the average for the UK.

The largest premium is for properties in The New Forest at £259,066 (101%), followed by the Peak District (94%) and the Lake District (84%).

Snowdonia has the smallest premium, with property prices five per cent above the average for the surrounding area. The average house price here is £173, 779, the only National Park where the figure is under £200,000.

Marc Page, Mortgages Director, Lloyds Bank said: "The high quality of life associated with living in some of the country's most beautiful areas attracts many homebuyers to our National Parks. They are also increasingly popular with those purchasing a second property. These factors mean that homes in National Parks typically trade at a significant premium to properties in surrounding areas.”