22 December 2010

Move with Us have launched a new online tool, allowing homeowners the chance to find out an online estimate for their home. The tool is free of charge to use and pulls information from a variety of sources, including recent local property sales.

The online estimate tool can be used as a starting point for any homeowner looking to sell their property. This can then be supported by a full valuation from one of the accredited independent agents that Move with Us are partnered with.

Homeowners can indicate whether they have had any improvements to the property, which is then factored into the estimate. This helps to make the tool as accurate as possible when determining an online estimate.

Examples of available home improvement options:

  • Extra bedroom
  • New kitchen
  • New bathroom
  • And many more...

The online estimate tool is available to use immediately, and can give you an indication into your current selling position.

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