Like a fish out of water

6 January 2012

A house in Headington, Oxford has become available to rent. It features four bedrooms, four bathrooms and a 25 foot shark diving into the roof.

Resident since 9 August 1986, the shark has caused much controversy. Oxford City Council initially thought the shark was dangerous but, according to Planet Property, once proven to be safe, it was eventually given retrospective planning permission after several rejections.

So, how did a shark come to bury its head into the roof of a four bedroom property in Oxford? The owner of the house, Bill Heine, had the shark created as a protest against nuclear war and was erected on the 41st anniversary of the Nagasaki bombing.

Bill Heine notes on his website “The shark was to express someone feeling totally impotent and ripping a hole in their roof out of a sense of impotence and anger and desperation…. It is saying something about CND, nuclear power, Chernobyl and Nagasaki.”

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