12 November 2010

Increasing numbers of investors are looking at certain UK hot spots for their property opportunity, spurred on by a growing number of potential tenants. With mortgage lending still strict more and more home buyers are looking at renting their next property. Investors are keen to add houses in desirable locations to their portfolios to meet this rising demand.

Accurate valuation is a key part of the process, as this will give a good indication to the investor on whether the property is both affordable and in a desirable location. Investment properties on movewithus.co.uk are highlighted as potentially attractive to buyers. Each of these have an estimated rental yield, will give potential investors an idea of the return they can expect to see.

Robin King, Move with Us Director, added: “Investors are constantly on the lookout for affordable housing which they can easily rent out to prospective tenants. We are committed to locating this type of property, using our careful analysis to calculate an estimated rental yield on each of our investment opportunities. We have a number of properties with additional incentives, as we help any home buyer find their perfect property match.”

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